Statement lighting is the creation of a wonderful focal point in a room. This can be the main star or it can play the part of a special detail to a T. When picking a pendant light for your home, always consider how it will complement the other hues and style.

The Uttermost Lamps and Lighting Alita 1 Light Black Wall Sconce 22463 is both artistic and dramatic.

Statement lighting can easily become the pièce de résistance because it easily blends will all of the other design elements even when it is a star in its own right.

So what are the most common statement lights?


Never think that there is a default setting where you are supposed to hang your statement light. The chandelier, for instance, must not be confined to the living room or dining room alone. When used correctly, this can also effectively beautify hallways, bedrooms, also kitchens.

This instant wow factor – with the current design theme considered – can offer an amazing ambiance in any room. Since this is a focus piece, you need to think about the size as well as the materials used to make this lighting fixture. You also need to think about the amount of light that it will eventually emit.

The kitchen is also another great place to hang the chandelier. Natural light may be abundant during the day but if you want to have a bright night, then the chandelier can be an amazing ambient light at night.

The stairway can also be brightly-lit by a chandelier. Since this is often an overlooked part of a home, the chandelier can help with regard to decorating this area.

A bathroom and a chandelier? Why not?

Del Mar Collection’s Bradbury Upholstered King Bed is effectively framed by two lovely bedside tables donned with elegant lamps.

If you’re thinking of dressing up the bathroom a bit, then the chandelier is the best option for your lighting. This room must be big enough to carry this kind of lighting fixture, though. To ascertain this, you need to take careful measurements.

Bedside Lamp

Don’t go for boring lamps. If you’re aiming to set up statement lighting, then be ready to install some drop pendants as your bedside lamps!

If not, look for designer lamps that will fulfill two jobs – generous lighting and comfy reading (or dressing up).

Shopping for this kind of lamp can be difficult if you don’t know what a designer bedside lamp looks like. Generally, you only need a single bedside lamp. If you have a partner, then you’d need a second one, or when you have a large bedroom.

Don’t count on bedside lamps to be the only source of illumination, though. Get a ceiling fixture, still, that will support the bedside lighting.

Apart from the right height and width, you also need to choose the right lampshade. This should be about two-thirds of the lamp’s body’s height so that the lighting fixture remains balanced.

Mount Light

If you want a lighting statement but in a subtle manner, then go for ceiling-mounted lighting. Family rooms, kitchens, and hallways deserve the best kind of lighting. Color coordinate the rest of the design elements so that your lighting fixture create your desired impact.

Wall Sconces

Task lighting is also crucial, after all, it’s not all ambient lighting that we need. Don’t go for standard track lighting, though. Look for wall sconces instead which can add character to just the usual function. Sconces are also a decorative tool to illuminate the hallway.

So when you’re looking for overhead lighting, use wall sconces instead.

Portable Lamps

These are not the recharge and heavy duty types that you use during blackouts. The portable lighting can be short or tall, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Mix the different shapes and height to add drama and character effortlessly.

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