Creating the Hamptons Look for Your Home (Interior Link Roundup)


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Why do you think a lot of people are intimidated by the Hamptons style? This is about creating the theme throughout your space and not something that’s just meant for the living room.

The Hamptons style is a timeless look that can be created for your whole home. Don’t even think about fusing it with other styles since it is something that begs to be alone. Hamptons can easily become a lifestyle more than being just an interior design style.

Hamptons Is High End

Where did the term Hamptons come from? This is a style that was born from the elite upper class region in Long Island, NY. This is not your regular beach hideaway.

You might be curious about what separates these wealthy neighborhood from the rest of the rich folks throughout the country?

Simply categorized, the West Hampton houses the yuppies and the new money. Southampton is the neighborhood for rich people who want to stand out. The East Hampton is for the so-called old money while the Sag Harbor is for boaters, sailors, and homeowners who want a New England sort of home.

So, what are the must-haves in every Hamptons styled home?

Hamptons Is Dramatic

The Hamptons style is bent on making a lasting first impression. You can dress up a beautiful staircase or an entrance hall that is hard to ignore. The high ceiling must also display an interesting pendant light.

Add a small table and don it with a vase of fresh flowers for a style that seems to have been arranged by your own butler.

Another way to add drama to your Hamptons home is to use neutral-colored curtains. Those plantation shutters will look perfect with white sheer curtains. Just imagine the breeze blowing these beauties.

Crisp Hamptons Kitchens

The kitchen is no less than the central area of every Hamptons-styled home. This is the very room that will dictate the style for the rest of the entertainment spaces.

It is easy to set up a Hampton’s kitchen. Remember these elements – shaker doors or paneling, white finishes, white subway tiles, and pendant lights made of glass.

White Walls and Wooden Floors

Hamptons is also equal to white walls and wooden floors. Shades of white can also be used as the backdrop. You can then add sisal or jute rug to your timber flooring. The deeper the chocolate color of your flooring, the better.

Hamptons Furnishings

Another must-have is the linen upholstery. You can also use cane or wicker elements to complete your high end look. Just be sure to buy quality wicker products or your home would look cheap and ugly. Remember that you need high end pieces so better stay with the real deal.

Hamptons is also safe with the mixture of old and new furnishings. The wooden furniture must also stick to the classical look and should look freshly-painted. You can save a lot of money if you also maintain your furniture well.

As for the accessories, you can add a driftwood, some glass jars with shells inside, and a butler’s tray. Downlights are also necessary in Hamptons living so search through a few pendant lighting fixture options.

There are various gorgeous choices for pendant lighting. Some even come with ceiling fans which you can use in your living room, sun-room, the patio, or just about any room that requires a bit more of easy breezy breeze.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Decorating, Hampton’s style, is an exciting way to make your home have its own character. This is especially true now that it’s summer and you would like to make your space more interesting.

Decide on the design elements that you’re going to include. Proper planning is necessary especially since this is a style that is best achieved when you start from scratch. If you’re aiming for a makeover, just be sure to know which rooms would get the star treatment.

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