Dentist Tips for Diabetics from Fort York Dentist in Toronto


There are almost 30 million people in the United States diagnosed with diabetes. This serious disease causes the body to not have enough or to reject insulin, so their blood glucose levels have to be checked often. But, besides checking their sugar, diabetics also have to take special care of their teeth. In fact, having high glucose levels can cause a dry mouth which is one of the most common causes of dental problems in adults. The dentists and dental technicians at Fort York Dentist in Toronto are trained in the care of those with diabetes and can help you understand the precautions you must take as a diabetic. Here are five important things you need to know about diabetes and dental health:

  • Keep your blood sugar controlled.
  • Brush your teeth and use dental floss daily.
  • See a Toronto dental care provider (Fort York Dentist) regularly.
  • Let us know if your dentures are hurting or not fitting right.
  • Do not smoke. If you already smoke – quit. We can help you with that at Fort York Dentist, so just ask one of our dental technicians or the dentist.

Periodontal Disease

The risk for periodontal disease is increased if you have diabetes because your body is more susceptible to infection and less able to fight infections. The bacteria in your mouth can cause a big problem because it will hamper your body’s ability to manage blood sugar and having high blood sugar will cause less of an ability to control the bacteria, leading to a circle of cause and effect that will be hard to control. This is worse for those whose glucose levels are not controlled well. It is important to have healthy blood sugar levels, eat a well-balanced diet and practice good oral care. We can help you curb this problem before it starts, but you have to let the dentist know that you have diabetes.

Fungal Infections

There are certain types of fungus that naturally live in your mouth already and this does not cause any problems in healthy people who take care of their teeth. But, those with diabetes do not have good immune systems so they get fungal infections more than most people. One of these fungal infections is candidiasis (thrush), which causes sores on your tongue and mouth that can become ulcers. It also causes a sore tongue and some people have trouble swallowing. This happens more often in smokers and people with dentures. Be sure to tell your dentist at Fort York Dentist if you have any soreness of your tongue or painful sores in your mouth.

We Can Help

Taking care of your teeth can actually help regulate your glucose levels by helping to prevent infection. Our dentists here at Fort York can give you a thorough deep tooth cleaning, which has been reported to assist in maintaining good blood sugar levels. Fort York Dentist is one of the best dentist offices in Toronto and we want you to have a healthy smile and a healthy body, so call (647) 346-8888 or (647) 343-8300 to schedule an appointment today.

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