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What are some of the key benefits to selling your home in Clearwater to an investor?

When one has a pressing need to sell, speed can be important.  A traditional home sale takes from one to two months to finalize.  During this period other costs are accumulating.

For example, if the mortgage payment is $1,600 per month two months means a loss of $3,200.

That’s a sizable chunk of revenue for a home owner in a challenging situation.

In addition there are typically seller contributions to closing costs that can average 3% of the cost of the home.  If a home is priced at around $250000 those contributions would be $7,500.

So the total saved would be $10,700.  That’s a substantial amount going back into your pocket.

In my next article, I’ll review other ways that home sellers in Clearwater benefit from working with investors.


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Roger Harrison has been involved with real estate investing for 20 years.

After creating successful real estate investments for himself, he decided to help other people do the same thing.   From that spark Clearwater Home Buyers was formed.

His goals are to:

  1. Help homeowners save money on the sale of their homes
  2. Help homeowners achieve the best possible outcome from difficult real estate situations
  3. Help people achieve the goals of home ownership
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