If you have chosen to take on a redesigning project, if you are not armed with ample knowledge, this task can get a bit intimidating. If you do, however, understand color combination so that you know which hues complement each other, then this can become a pleasurable chore for you. And when it comes to color combination, there is no place in your home where proper color fusion matters most than in a bedroom.

Color and Function

The bedroom is no longer just a bedroom these days. This is now a place of retreat, a place where one can go to after a long, tiring day at work. This can also function as an office, a reading room, or simply a place where you can enjoy a hot mug of cocoa. The way that the bedroom is designed, especially how the colors have been chosen, reflect the owner’s taste. You can hype the room with vibrant energy using bright colors or you can tone it down by applying softer hues.

Color and Features

As you already know, the colors that you choose for the bedroom – or any room for that matter – need to complement one another. Keep in mind that not all of your favorite colors may be used inside this room as they might not work well when combined.

To begin, find a color wheel which you can use to determine which colors go with which. There are chiefly three ways that you can mix colors with the use of this simple tool. Use the monochromatic color scheme which means you can utilize the same color but in different shades. So, you can use pale green which will gradually progress to bottle green, or even darker.

Drama can be achieved only when the colors that you use are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Such colors include red and orange as well as yellow and violet.

For a more relaxing atmosphere, you can choose neutral colors such as sage, sea mist, or fern which are all shades of green. Such colors are good base colors for accent hues in gold or brown.

Ecology is now a popular theme that a lot of homeowners opt for. This requires depicting the blue skies and the greeneries of Mother Earth. A bedroom that is both relaxing and dramatic, use shades of pink but take note that you need a spacious room to be able to give justice to this color choice or you would be overwhelmed by the result.

Color Considerations

Smaller bedrooms need a few considerations. First, lighter hues will make the space appear bigger. For the room’s accents, be sure to use bright colors. If you really want darker shades in a compact room, be willing to compromise by painting just one wall with your choice of dark color. Fusing (more like contrasting) the light and dark colors can open up the bedroom, meaning, it will create the perfect illusion of larger space. With this approach, you make it seem like the dark wall is farther away than all three, light-colored walls; hence, the illusion of space is achieved.

Color Segregation

Using colors can help you create any kind of space while upping the marketability of any property so you have to know what sort of feelings they evoke inside the bedroom.

Neutrals: Painting the bedroom with neutral shades means the room’s owner is simple; but add a throw pillow here and an artwork there, and you immediately visualize a vibrant person.

Cool shades: From blues to lavender, you’ve got the power to create the coolest bedroom, one that evokes an open, light feeling. If you go down the blue lane, steer clear of the darker hues as they can appear black in some kinds of lighting. For cool colors, use gold accessories.

Bright and bold: Orange, red and yellow hues belong to a family that makes a bold statement about the fiery, unpredictable personality of the bedroom owner. These hues also mix well with earth tones which is an effective way to add romance inside the room.


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