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While it may seem strange to you that anyone would have an office building to sell, the question is actually in reference to the budding commercial real estate industry in India.  ‘US’ refers to MagicMeters, an emerging real estate company operating in Gurgaon.  MagicMeters has lots of commercial projects in Gurgaon.More about this below.


MagicMeters is an emerging real estate company in Gurgaon.  A visit to its website quickly reveals the company’s core strengths which are in various commercial projects including residential complexes, infrastructure projects, and commercial offices for salePeople in Gurgaon and surrounding areas prefer to use MagicMeters for all of their commercial real estate needs because of the comprehensive and professional service which its dedicated and loyal team of knowledgeable agents and brokers bring them.  In addition, MagicMeters is known for its excellence in customer service which is essential for any business to survive in the digital age.

Upcoming projects in Gurgaon

MagicMeters is two years old and this fact naturally forces the company to have a more local scope even if it does have a global vision.  It has many commercial projects on the drawing board, most of which are in Gurgaon.  Upcoming projects in Gurgaon include the Tapasya 70 Grandwalk.  This commercial project is one with many uses including leisure, commercial needs, living quarters, and shopping and entertainment.  Tapasya 70 has many commercial officeswhich interested shopkeepers and retailers can either lease or buy.  

Why commercial offices with MagicMeters

“MagicMeters is such a small company.  It is only two years old, so why would anyone want to buy its commercial projects considering it has such a small and limited scope and presence in the commercial real estate industry?”  If you are a shop owner, this is a very natural and legitimate question to be asking.  The answer to this question lies in Magic Meters vision which is to use ethics and good moral values (in terms of business) to guide commercial shop keepers and retailers through the complex and intimidating process of renting, leasing, or buying commercial properties and offices in Gurgaon.  In fact, Magic meters has many commercial shops for sale as well!

Think locally, but act globally

This is MagicMeters’ motto because it is currently the industry leader in terms of portals for commercial property in India.  This means that people who want to do business in Gurgaon, and people living in Gurgaon turn to its online website for insight into its current and upcoming projects.  If they are interested in these projects, and they usually are, they then contact one of the many commercial agents and brokers who are part of the MagicMeters’ team.  These agents and brokers provide them with a free consultation and if there is a need, match, and fit, both parties proceed in renting, leasing, or buying a particular commercial real estate property which MagicMeters is either developing or involved with.  The process does not end until both parties, especially the buyer, are satisfied.  Incidentally, most of MagicMeters’ new clients and business propositions/proposals are generated from referrals by existing customers!  Referrals are like ‘gold dust’ in the real estate industry, especially in commercial real estate!

Tapasya 70 in much more detail

This is one of MagicMeters’ more important projects.  This is partly because of its strategic location and partly because of its inherent market value.  Valued at a whopping 45 lakhs, this complex is a must notice for anyone serious about doing real business in Gurgaon.  This commercial complex is located near major highways in Gurgaon.  Therefore it is in close proximity to people who are traveling and are looking for a great shopping experience, or who want to be entertained.  It has many residential apartments and this provides a rich prospect base for companies whose offices and stores are located in the complex.  After all, people tend to do business with companies which offer exceptional products and services and are in close proximity to them!

The complex sprawls over 3 acres of land.  What’s more is that almost all of its commercial offices and shops are visible to passersby from the highway and nearby roadways.  This offers these shopkeepers and industrialists great and free advertising opportunities because their commercial operations are visible to anyone who sees them on the vast network of roadways.  It is also graced with unique and elegant architecture which simply draws customers in and makes them stay.

Now that you know

You may have thought that India would be the last place where the commercial real estate industry would be booming.  You may also have thought that a small Indian startup would never be capable of becoming an industry leader in this fast growing and lucrative industry.  You would be wrong on both counts because MagicMeters is quickly transforming the way the Indian commercial real estate industry operates!

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