How To Properly Stage a Home on the Market

How To Properly Stage a Home on the Market

How To Properly Stage a Home on the Market

When it comes to selling a house, the proof is in aesthetics. Home buyers want to see two things: the current state of the home and the potential of the home. It’s all about setting the scene and painting a beautiful picture for buyers. The goal is to make them feel excited and inspired when they walk through every room. Keep reading to learn how to properly stage a home on the market.

Remove the Clutter

A cluttered room is a quick and efficient way to keep a home on the market. The home needs to look comfortable and intimate, but not to the point where it appears too lived in. Clutter distracts home buyers from the beauty and structure of the space.

Their focus is on the items in the room rather than the bones of the home. Declutter and clean every room. Don’t remove too many items where the space looks vacant and drafty. Try and remove personal items such as family photos, but keep up art pieces and vases that add appeal to the space.

Play With Lighting & Color

There can never be too much light in a room during the staging process. Play with the lighting and color of every room. Both changes will have the effect of making the space look fresh. Always use natural lighting when it’s available because it casts the best glow.

However, some rooms may not be in a good spot for natural lighting. Add lighting fixtures to the room, such as lamps or simple chandeliers, to avoid gaudiness. Use colorful furniture pieces, such as a loveseat, ottoman, or throw pillows, to give the space character. These small pops of color can make a room appear bigger. You can even go as far as painting an accent wall, which is a unique change that increases the property value.

Always Go for Accessories

Accessories do more than maximize a wardrobe—they work wonders on a home. Accessories in every room help home buyers imagine their own tastes in the space. These items make spaces appear warmer and more intimate. An area rug and throw blanket in the living help them envision themselves relaxing in the space.

Match area rugs with hardwood floors so that things flow and seem intentional. Reupholster the furniture if necessary. Even though they will move in their own furniture, things need to look new in a staged home. Old, worn furniture will reflect on the room in a negative way.

Handle Odds & Ends

Home buyers will be looking at all the smallest details. The last thing future homeowners want to deal with is maintenance issues. These problems will arise, but they don’t want to fuss over them as soon as they move in.

Spruce up the areas that need it. For example, you may need to re-caulk the cracks and windows and run through lawn maintenance. Check every room to see what other areas require immediate attention. Keep in mind that the exterior of the home helps potential buyers form their first impressions, so it may need more attention. If your home is on the market, you can work to sell it faster by properly staging each room. With these tips, you can create a home that appeals to all kinds of buyers!

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