4 Surprising Things That Can Increase Property Value

Excalibur Homes

Excalibur Homes

Small changes can often have big results when it comes to increasing your property value. Today, we’ll discuss four surprising things that can increase property value, providing you with practical, actionable tips to enhance your home and maximize its market potential.

1. Proximity To Fast-Food Restaurants

Believe it or not, living near fast-food chains can affect your property’s value. Homes near famous and popular fast-food franchises, such as Starbucks, tend to have higher property values than those farther away. This increase is primarily due to the convenience factor, as people often seek properties that offer easy access to daily amenities and services.

Consider highlighting nearby fast-food establishments and other convenient amenities when listing your home for sale to leverage this trend.

2. The Power of Blue Paint

The color of your home’s interior and exterior can play a significant role in its perceived value. Studies show that homes with blue rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms, tend to sell for more than those with rooms painted in different shades. Choosing calm, soothing shades of blue can make your home feel more nurturing, which could attract potential buyers.

Invest in a fresh coat of blue paint for key areas in your home to showcase a more inviting environment and potentially boost your property value.

3. Fresh Caulking for Windows and Doors

While it may seem like a minor detail, updated caulking around windows and doors is crucial for preserving the integrity of your home’s structure and increasing its value. This simple maintenance task can help prevent drafts, reduce energy costs, and protect your home against mold and water damage. In fact, its notable positive impact is why it’s one of the things house flippers focus on.

By keeping the caulking fresh and up to date, you’ll demonstrate that your home is well-maintained and potentially boost its value in the process.

4. The Impact of Neighboring Lawns

The appearance of surrounding properties plays a significant role in raising the overall value of your home. Pristine lawns and well-kept landscaping in your neighborhood create a more pleasant living environment and contribute to the perceived desirability of your property.

Ensure your lawn is well-maintained, and encourage your neighbors to prioritize their landscaping to capitalize on this trend. These surprising things that can increase property value demonstrate that even minor changes can have a significant impact on your property’s worth. By focusing on convenience, aesthetics, and attention to detail, you can enhance your home to maximize its potential in the market. Don’t hesitate to tackle these small projects and enjoy the potential benefits they can bring to your property value.

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