How To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Vacation Rental Stand Out

Vacation Rental Stand Out

Booking a vacation property looks different for many people, but this concept is becoming much more popular than staying in a hotel. Because having an entire house or condo allows more people to stay together, renting a full property is a cost-effective lodging option. If you own a secondary home and you want to make money from it, consider learning how to make your vacation rental stand out from others in the area.

Keep the Decor Simple

Although you want your rental property to look nice, it’s possible to overdo the decor. With that said, you should stick with neutral decorations, including:

  • Wall art
  • Abstract or nature photos
  • Vintage items
  • Faux plants and flowers

Even if you add “no partying or horseplay” to your house rules, many people will ignore this, so consider staying away from fragile decor items to prevent accidental shattering or breaking. Furthermore, you should avoid putting personal photos around the home as this can be uncomfortable for your guests.

Add Bonus Amenities

Most vacation listings have comfortable furniture, adequate bathrooms, TVs, and a microwave, but you can set your property apart from others by adding bonus amenities. For instance, you may attract more renters if the property has a clean, functional swimming pool or hot tub. Some people look for homes with a full bar and a pool table, while others may want kayaks or other outdoor equipment, depending on location.

Create an Appealing Outdoor Space

While the interior is extremely important, you should also consider creating an appealing outdoor space to ensure a top-notch experience. Many people want to spend time outdoors on their vacation, which is much easier to do if the property has a lounge area with a fire pit or a shaded balcony. When you know how to maintain beachfront curb appeal, more potential guests will likely give your home a chance. Make the porch welcoming and cozy if you don’t have more outdoor space for a larger hangout spot.

Provide Everything They Need

Most properties have the basic essentials, but you can go above and beyond to create a beautiful rental home. Consider stocking the kitchen with necessary appliances and cookware to ensure your guests have everything they need to make their meals rather than eating out for every meal. While putting old or low-quality furniture in your rental house may be tempting, following a few tips for buying a sofa may help you choose a quality, affordable couch for the living room. Now that you know how to make your vacation rental stand out, you can cultivate a beautiful and appealing rental property. Many people decide to rent an entire house for their vacation-yours can be one of the hottest spots on the rental sites if you put in a few extra steps.

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