How To Use EV Charging Stations To Attract More Tenants

When electric vehicles (EVs) first hit the market, few people were willing to rely on them for daily driving. However, over the last several years, EV technology has advanced to the point where some EVs can reliably make 200-mile journeys on electricity alone.

As the technology has improved, more people have made the switch to EVs and hybrids, driving up demand for EV charging stations. Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract more tenants to your property.

Why EV Owners Make Good Tenants

Before you decide to put EV chargers on your property, you may be wondering whether EV owners are the kind of people you want as tenants. The answer is yes-there are very good reasons to want EV owners to rent from you.

An Affluent Demographic

Because EVs are more expensive than gas cars, EV owners are usually people with stable financials. This means EV owners are more likely to have steady income and know how to manage their finances. You’ll be renting to people who pay their bills on time and can afford your prices.

Green Tenants

According to a PEW Research study, over 70 percent of people considering buying an EV are interested in protecting the environment. This means EV owners are more likely to do things like reduce water consumption, which can improve the use of property utilities.

EV Ownership Accessibility

You can use EV charging stations to attract more tenants to your property by helping make EV ownership accessible. Many Americans are interested in buying EVs, but they find the added cost of purchasing personal charging stations too expensive. Owning a charging station also requires owning a home, which is a bigger investment than a car. Therefore, offering charging stations to tenants is a huge incentive for EV owners.

Bonus Income Opportunities

Another reason to install EV chargers on your property is that businesses can get grants for installing different levels of EV chargers. Level 3 chargers are the fastest, charging cars in less than an hour instead of overnight. If you have level 3 chargers on your property, people will visit to use your charging stations and maybe decide to check out your renting options. Attracting EV owners is one of the best ways for real estate investors to become successful. Install EV chargers to start attracting quality tenants and make additional money from your property.

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