Color psychology is the basic study of how people’s behaviors and moods are affected by different colors. It is important to understand color psychology when deciding on what hues to use in one’s home.

Isn’t it just fascinating how colors can sway any person’s actions? You will soon discover that there are a few amazing ways to coax people to your way of thinking and even persuade them to up your profits.

For instance, if you want your brand name to stand for authority and power, be sure to use black in all your promotion materials and as well as the graphics in all your logos. Black is a color of class and elegance so it is most ideal for labels and packaging of products with high prices.

The Power of Red

Red, no doubt, is one of the most intense colors. Red means passion and with unguarded use, it can even lead to aggression. Have you also noticed how a lot of restaurants use the color red to invite people in? It’s because this color tends to make people feel hungry.

Consider using this shade inside the master bedroom (as it also stirs up romantic feelings) or in your dining room (unless you’re dieting!).

Be Energetic with Yellow

If you want to bring cheer inside a room, then do not forget to use yellow; whether on your walls or on the accessories that you add into the room. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness. This can help you wake up earlier in the morning and even stay alert. Buttery yellow in the bedroom or kitchen can definitely wake up a night owl!

Blue Spells Tranquility

Blue has a cooling effect that not a lot of colors can achieve. This color would instantly remind anyone of the sky and of cool, splashing waters. Though blue is a relaxing color, be careful in using it inside your home as it has been known to bring about depression in a few people.

A little boy’s bedroom is often painted blue – this is also the case with a lot of men’s bedroom. Studies of the color blue indicate that this is one of the most well-liked hues by men. This color also symbolizes loyalty but it can ruin one’s appetite.

The Royalty of Purple

Nature does not offer a lot of purple hues, hence, it evokes feelings of elegance and luxury. Purple may have a calming effect on some people while, to others, it evokes feelings of creativity.

Use purple in a room that you would want to convey as a creative room like an art studio.

Be Bold with Orange

If you want to excite the people in a room, paint it orange. This color demands attention as it can also be welcoming and warm when mixed with brown hues. See if you can combine this exciting color with coppery brown accessories.

Never be afraid to take chances with orange especially these days when people are no longer contented in seeing boring colors such as plain beige, white or gray.

Embrace Nature with Green

When people see the color green, they automatically associate it with trees, grass and nature in general. This color may not be as calming as blue so it may have a more positive effect on people with issues on depression.

The living room is the best place to paint green.

The Innocence of White White symbolizes purity and cleanliness which is why medical personnel use it to show sterility. This is the most famous neutral color as it can easily blend with any type of color. By itself, though, and when mishandled; it can appear bland.

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