How To Know a Sofa Is Right for Your Home

Sofa Right Home

Most people have a cohesive design throughout their entire home, which we can see reflected in specific rooms. One of the rooms people often focus on designing well is the living room since this is where we spend time with family and entertain guests. The sofa is the star piece of furniture in the living room, providing a comfortable space for everyone to gather. Finding the right sofa for your home can feel overwhelming, though. Keep reading to learn how to know whether a specific couch is the right choice for you.

Proper Measurements and Sizing

When we first think of a sofa fitting in our home, we tend to imagine it working with our current aesthetic. After all, browsing through various furniture styles is part of the sofa shopping fun. However, before we can jump into styles, we have to consider measurements and sizing. You need to measure your entire space, both where you want to put your new furniture and how the furniture will get to that designated spot. The last thing you want is to buy a piece of furniture that will look great in your living room but can’t fit through your front door.

The room measurements will give you a good idea of sizing. A good rule of thumb is that if your sofa is against a wall, it should take up two-thirds of the wall. This prevents the wall from swallowing a small sofa or a large sofa overtaking the wall. The height of the sofa legs and the shape of the couch can change this dynamic, too, so make sure to measure everything.

Ideal Material and Color

Once you’ve correctly measured your space and figured out the sizing, you can move on to the fun part of sofa shopping. Looking through different materials and colors to find something you love is the best part of shopping for furniture and the first step of following these amazing tips for buying a sofa. Make sure you pair your love of specific materials and colors with the style of the room, though. Just because a sofa feels and looks great in a showroom doesn’t mean it will fit well in your home.

Consider the other materials and colors in your home when shopping for your new sofa. Mixing and matching materials and colors is fine, but you don’t want to pick anything that will visually or texturally clash. This can make the room feel uncomfortable.

Appropriate for Your Lifestyle

Lastly, you’ll know a sofa is right for your home if it accommodates your lifestyle. This means the required maintenance of the material, its shape, and how it functions and works within your routine and with other household members. For example, deciding if a tight back or loose back sofa is best for you can come down to whether you have the time to fluff removable pillows or if some family members require a firmer surface to sit on. Shopping for furniture is simultaneously a fun and stressful experience. Many people enjoy looking through their options, even as they worry about finding the right piece for a specific room within their home. Finding the right sofa is one example of this fun yet stressful experience, but following these tips can help you successfully complete the shopping journey.

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