Yellow Splash: A Shot of Sunny Cheerfulness (Link Roundup)


Sometimes, all you need is just a dose of yellow to add a little zest in a room. If you are not comfortable using this color then, perhaps, it’s time that you change that mindset. One yellow chair is often an easy way to begin. This single chair is not at all scary and it will still surely lift your home’s look.

There are different shades of yellow to choose from. It could be as pale as pale primrose and mustard or it can be as playful as Pantone yellow or Crayola lemon. There are so many shades and tints to look at so there is definitely one that would suit your taste.

Small Beginnings

If the thought of flooding your home with yellow is an unthinkable thing to you, then just add a little at first. Find out how you feel about this small dose of yellow at first.

Going back to that single chair, you can slowly double the dose by adding another chair of the same shade of yellow. As the seats multiply, you will soon realize just how lovely this hue is and that it actually works with many other colors.

The yellow chair almost always attracts attention so this becomes a focal point. A gallery of framed black and white photos should frame an exciting yellow chair and a tall glass vase of fresh lemons.

Or Paint a Wall

Yellow paint can also transform a room just as beautifully as yellow furniture would. Traditional chairs would look more delicious when placed on a yellow backdrop. The eyes will almost certainly rest on the furniture piece that the yellow wall is trying to frame.

Amp a Gray Palette

Yellow is a great partner to gray. A room can be muted and soft when it has a mainly gray color scheme, however, you can just the right amount of visual interest when you place a yellow chair and pair it with a hardwood desk.

If you prefer a plainer sight, then this is one of the best ways that you can also introduce this hue without totally overwhelming the rest of the design elements.

Bland Desk No More

That yellow chair has a lot of uses for your initial journey towards the yellow palette. This time, you can pair it with a neutral desk. The setup is attractive and not jarring because the yellow chair is the only zing to a sea of neutrals.

Or Go Muted

If being bold is definitely not you, then you can always go for muted tones. Find muted yellow elements that you can use to inject just the right amount of color. When used with blue furniture pieces, a whitewashed fireplace, and some metallic elements, your yellow elements are sure to distribute the attention throughout the room.

Navy Blue + Mellow Yellow

‘Finding it difficult to brush that bright yellow paint all across your living room walls? Then pair mellow yellow with navy blue. This shade of yellow is that egg-yolky hue that can instantly warm up a space especially when used with a color that gives depth (such as navy blue).

Jolt the Bathroom

Who says bathrooms should only be bathed with the usual blue or white? Wake the bathroom up from its clinical slumber by putting some yellow elements in there. This can be that yellow chair again or it can be something smaller such as a yellow basket or stacks of yellow towels.

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive, then a yellow stool should do it.

Just make sure that you put only acrylic or plastic pieces so you won’t have to worry about mold-causing moisture and humidity.

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