Wooden Furniture for the Chic You (Link Roundup)

Furniture pieces, especially the wooden ones, play a vital role in achieving a pleasant and elegant look in any home. However, though everyone wants wooden furniture inside their dwelling, not a lot know how to choose which furniture to invest in.

It is important to learn a few aspects of furniture buying before you set out to and find your next choice. For example, you have to know what type of wood you would actually want to have. You also need to consider the place where the piece will be situated. Existing colors in your home also need to be considered since the wooden furniture need to harmonize with the rest of the current elements.

These are just some of the basic questions that need to be answered before you buy wooden furniture.

There are very few materials that can be comparable to the beauty of wood. Wood is elegant since it exudes an authentic look. When sturdily constructed, wooden furniture can last for a lot of years and be functional in any setting.

Wood furniture can also match a lot of design themes but you need to know a few tips first –

Check the Furniture Frame

If you are planning on purchasing a number of wooden furniture pieces, then make sure that you are going to buy the sturdy ones. Find those that can easily withstand the roughest conditions. For instance, if you are going to move the furniture a lot, then you need to buy something that will not get easily damaged as it is transferred from one room to the next.

Now the question is, how do you know if the furniture that you are going to buy has a sturdy frame inside?

Sit on it! Do not hesitate to sit on the piece that you are contemplating to buy. If it squeaks at the least amount of movement or if it feels unsteady, then these are telltale signs that you have to look for another. One of your best options is to buy hardwoods such as ash or oak. Ask if the wood has been dried in a kiln as this takes out the moisture of the wood.

Check the Wood Quality

Once you have checked the frame, it is time to look at the wooden parts which are visible to the eye. The color of the wood should be one that matches the existing theme in your home.

Check for splits or cracks on the visible parts of the furniture. If you have opted for an antique piece, then it is best to shop with an expert. There are many fraudulent furniture suppliers in the country and with an untrained eye, you can easily be conned into buying a repro with the price of an antique piece.

Just to be on the safe side, check for the authenticity of each piece by doing a thorough research first. You are, after all, going to spend much for this piece of furniture so you might as well do your assignment before you shell out your hard-earned money.

Consider Your Budget

Do you have ample money to invest in wooden furniture? Wooden pieces are known to have a higher price so be prepared to shell out more. If you cannot afford, at this point, to buy solid, wooden pieces, then find ones that are combined with other materials. In many areas, kiln-dried lumber can sell as much as 70 cents for every linear foot. If this is a little too much for you, then you can always settle for softwood such as those that have been harvested from jack pine, spruce or fir trees. They may be called softwoods yet they are still sturdy enough to last a few years. Just do not rely on them to become heirloom pieces, though.

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