Wood Types For Furniture: Timeless Materials To Consider

Wood is an important element during constructions and also interior design. Furniture makers also make good use of this material as it is a timeless piece which is charming, cozy-looking and warm. Wood types for furniture can be crafted into different looks that can inspire people who want to decorate their homes.

A Sound Investment

Wood is a good investment especially when you are eyeing bespoke or designer pieces. These pieces can increase their value over the years. They can also easily stand out as a superior, elegant piece compared to furniture made of synthetic materials.

Wood is also durable compared to many other materials. While some can easily scratch and dent, sturdy wood can be repaired and properly cared for so that it remains beautiful for many years to come.

But did you ever stop to wonder what kind of wood you should use for your furniture? Some of the materials that are most used these days include oak, pine, eucalyptus, maple, beech, birch, alder and ash.

Pine Wood – Highly Popular

Pine is extremely popular these days. It is used in making sturdy tables, beds, chairs and other pieces of furniture that can be used indoors. Pine stains well and is considered a soft wood. There is also a wide variety of pine wood including the sugar pine and the ponderosa pine. The most beautiful one that provides a decorative grain pattern is the radiate pine.

Maple Wood – Beautiful for Years

Many cabinet makers use maple wood for their masterpieces. This is because maple has a consistent grain that offers a uniform appearance. This kind of wood is warm and it stains beautifully. If you prefer to have painted furniture, then maple is also good material. It is a type of hardwood which is why you can expect it to look beautiful for many years to come.

Oak – Utmost Versatility

If you are thinking of investing in furniture that will last for a century or more, then find an oak piece. With proper care, you can have oak furniture become an heirloom piece. Also, it comes in beautiful color schemes that are all stain, scratch and dust resistant.

Compared to other wood types for furniture, oak does not require a lot of maintenance. When presented with a detailed finish, it can become an exquisite art piece.

Beech – Popular and Elegant

Many of today’s chairs and tables are made of beech wood. These pieces are often used outdoors because they are highly durable. If you want to use beech wood furniture inside your home, then you can also do so.

Unlike synthetic tables and chairs, beech wood pieces age beautifully. When well maintained, beech wood furniture can provide years of organic style for your living room or any other room in your home.

Carpenters love to work with beech wood because of its beautiful grain. It is also commonly used for curved pieces because it is highly pliable.

Ash – Furniture Layering Epitomized

The ash tree has about 70 different species all over the world but only the Black Ash and the White Ash are used predominantly in furniture making and the lumber industry in general.

Ash wood is highly versatile so it can be used in different applications ranging from furniture, to sports equipment, to tools. This wood type is often substituted for oak as it is a more affordable version of the latter.

Ash is also shock resistant.

Birch – A Valuable Hardwood

Cabinet makers use this type of wood a lot. Unlike many wood types for furniture, it is reasonably-priced and is a great piece for craft wood or any woodworking project. It has been used for many purposes such as tongue depressors, paper, toothpicks, and high end furniture. It is so versatile that it can also be used as an ornamental tree.

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