Why You Need to Have Annual Eye Exams

Annual Eye Exams

Annual Eye Exams

The eye examination will generally give you a lot of information on your body’s health and condition. Therefore, you must get a consistent eye check annually, even if you do not use contact lenses or glasses. Our eyes offer a rare view of our body. Reasons for you to visit your optician yearly for eye examinations include:

For Your Children To Excel In School

More than three-quarters of the percentage of what is in the children’s educational curriculum needs a good vision. Going for a yearly examination for your children to ensure they can see comfortably and clearly will improve their success and performance in class.

The Almost Myopia Epidemic

The rate of children having myopia increases rapidly and almost makes myopia an epidemic. After a keen examination, your doctor will provide treatment solutions that suit you best. Myopia is a huge concern because children who develop nearsightedness in the early stages of their lives are likely to experience the condition getting worse over their childhood.

With this, they are at a higher risk of potentially serious and sight-threatening conditions in the future of their lives. The serious conditions include retinal detachment, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Annual Eye Exams for your child are the most suitable option in discovering your child’s risk of having myopia. If myopia is discovered early, control measures can be taken to slow the growth of myopia and reduce the chances of future serious eyesight problems.


An eye examination for children is necessary to ensure their vision growth is normal, and there are no possibilities for myopia. Glaucoma is a serious eye illness that knows how to be sneaky because they have no noticeable symptoms during the early stages. Thus, there is nothing to alert you of incoming glaucoma.

Suppose you fail to have a consistent eye examination and, unfortunately, you develop glaucoma. In that case, you will discover it just after having gone through permanent vision loss due to the disease.

Eye Examinations Can Detect Other Critical Health Issues

A fun fact is that the majority of people discover for the first time in their lives they have serious health problems after a scheduled eye examination. Serious health conditions discovered include high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol.

Our eyes are very effective in showing our general health. In your eye examination, your doctor will observe and test the status of your blood vessels in the retina. A retina is a right predictor of the condition of blood vessels in your entire body. Serious conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen simply by the changes in the way the retina blood vessels appear.

For anyone with a family risk of obesity or diabetes, it is very crucial for them to have a scheduled eye examination every year as these people are at a high risk of developing a diabetic eye disease which eventually leads to eye blindness in adults.

Having Dry Eyes

An individual having a dry eye is among the top reasons people go to see the optician. Dry eyes cause burning, irritation, and overall discomfort that is difficult to live with. When you have dry eyes, it is necessary to see a doctor to discover why your eyes are like that. Dry eyes can affect your eyesight and the general condition of your eyes.

Vision Screening Cannot Stand In Place Of An Eye Examination

You can assume that your eyesight is perfectly fine and in good condition because you passed a visual screening at school or the motor department. The assumption is wrong because vision screenings only identify people with serious eyesight problems.

Visual screening work is only to identify eyesight problems in particular tasks like recognizing road signs. It is best to have a comprehensive eye examination to ensure your eyesight is in good condition, and there is no potential of having any serious eye diseases.

Wrapping Up

The majority of eye problems and conditions have no visible symptoms, meaning you will not be able to discover the problem before your sight starts diminishing. You and your family should visit an optician for a comprehensive eye examination at least once a year for preventive care.

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