Why Is Polished Concrete Interior Considered Best In Home Improvement!


Considered Best In Home Improvement!

We all want a home that brings us maximum comfort and It is truly said that the right kind of home makes a world of a difference. But what makes a home, that warm fuzzy place you ask? Well sure it’s the love of your family, but it’s also the aesthetics polished concrete interior that plays a vital role in creating that special effect, hence adding a dash of creativity as well.

The home improvement as a genre has gained massive appeal amongst consumers, with more and more consumers spending a surprising amount of money to make their safe haven look good, after all, home with better wooden flooring trumps every time when selling in the real estate market and making the big bucks. Home is where the heart is, and it is imperative to make incremental changes for it to last longer. Every year industry experts pinpoint at a particular trending home improvement area that almost always becomes a favorite amongst consumers.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Interior

According to a 2018 survey on Interior designs, the polished concrete interior seems to be the next best thing under the Home improvement. Here are few of many benefits of polished concrete:

  • Apart from its ability to create an industrial edge in almost every setting, concrete is easy to maintain, adds a unique highlight texture and instantly becomes a focal point for everyone in the room.
  • Concrete is subtle, suave and just the right kind of sexy one needs to up the level field when it comes to designing their homes.
  • These concrete floors are chic and sophisticated and are often considered the prime flooring surface for a design home.
  • To put it simply, it is a concrete floor which is treated with a chemical densifier and ground down just like sand wood along with other finer tools. Polished concrete varies in terms of quality with a 400 grit being a bare minimum unto 3000 grit which is considered concrete par excellence.
  • The reason polished concrete interior is so hot right now is that of is sustainability quotient. It has the ability to use what is already there which in this case is concrete and by polishing the exposed concrete, one is able to minimize the materials and the energy thus making it eco-friendly.
  • Apart from that, it is also one material that organically blends with modern aesthetic and architecture, hence making it looks appealing in every space in one’s home.
  • Polished concrete is also easier to clean, durable, non-slippery, and is low maintenance as compared to other materials.
  • There are various ways in which polished concrete interior can be customized, some of it being stains and dyes which can be worked into to form any color palette. It can also be scored, lined or gridded because of its seemingly wet surface which can be molded into anything beautiful and used as an art canvas.
  • The polished concrete interior can also be enhanced with orders, and surprisingly they are the most cost-effective flooring option. One can style it with a beautiful soft rug or with contrast light and dark walls. So, what are you waiting for?
  • If you have a polished concrete floor you don’t have to worry about the allergies because dust, dirt, and pollen cannot stick to these floors. 
  • It can be used in a high traffic area as it doesn’t easily get discolored.

Hence, it comes as no surprise then that, the polished concrete interior seems to be trumping in home improvement this year as well.

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