Why AC Maintenance Is Important Before Summer Temps Arrive

Are you waiting to schedule maintenance on your air conditioner since it worked fine last summer? You shouldn’t assume the system will run smoothly this year. Get a head start on AC maintenance so that you can make sure your unit is tuned-up and ready for daily use. An early system tune-up is important because it will help in three key ways:

Better Functionality

You won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars over the summer to cover frequent AC repairs. Maintenance is designed to keep your air conditioner in the best working condition. Instead of short cycling and causing you headaches, the AC unit will function without a hitch. Tune-ups effectively boost functionality because the technician calibrates the system, checks for loose electrical connections and if needed adds refrigerant, among other tasks.

Higher Efficiency Levels

Chilly winter months in Dallas can take a toll on the outdoor condenser. If the elements damage this component, your air conditioner won’t be as efficient as you want it to be. Therefore, the unit will have to use more power to cool your home. The good news is that a NATE-certified technician can improve the unit’s efficiency levels. This is why you can look forward to having lower energy bills. Thorough maintenance stops your air conditioner from working harder and longer than usual.

Fewer Cooling Troubles

You’re not wasting money by servicing the unit a month before summer. Whether your AC seems to be working fine or not, it can benefit from a comprehensive tune-up. All makes and models perform better when they have been cleaned and tuned up. They’re also less prone to break down unexpectedly. Because you’re handling AC maintenance early, you’ll avoid common AC-related problems this summer. Putting in a new HVAC filter can boost the unit’s cooling powers. Also, carrying out all the maintenance tasks will extend its service life.

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