Who Is The Solar Electrician? (Link Roundup)

Each year, great minds are working towards harnessing electrical power with the use of renewable energy sources. These people are generating new ways to face the challenges in improving people’s lives.

One of their great ideas is the utilization of solar power.  Solar energy for use in residential areas used to be a bizarre idea back in the day. The mere conceptualization of such brought about more issues than solutions. But that was back in the day since those were the early days of the solar power industry.

Today, people have realized the potential benefits that come with the use of solar power. Now, homes can be powered with the use of solar panels or the so-called solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems.

The PV systems of today are a far cry when compared to the drawing board designs. The modern systems now make use of a method where sun exposure generates usable electricity through semi-conductors. What is needed is direct exposure to sunlight and heat is generated and then captured into the panels. This heat is then converted into electricity. This design is utilized for various uses such as charging your mobile phone or even powering up a large system such as an entire home wiring system.

Solar electricity is now being used and through it, many homes have already reduced their electrical consumption. If you want to save energy in your home, then it is time to meet one expert –

The Solar Electrician

The solar electrician is an expert that installs wiring, parts and pieces of the solar PV systems. His day starts in an office where he keeps all of his supplies and his means of transport. More often than not, he leaves for an installation project so he can begin way before the roofs get too hot.

Fifty-percent of the time, he stays in the office and the other half of the time, a solar electrician is out doing solar PV installations. When he is in the office, he designs PV systems which uses basic algebraic calculations. He is an expert that is knowledgeable of the NEC or National Electrical Code.

As soon as systems are designed, a solar electrician places orders for equipment and tools which he will need for his future projects. He also gets in touch with general contractors, inspectors and homeowners to schedule appointments.

The solar electrician can also spend his whole day meeting up with different suppliers or organizing jobs that will follow his current project. He can also conduct site surveys which entails visits to the client’s site. He is the one that analyzes homes or businesses to find out if they are a good match for the solar power system. His office time involves a lot of computer work, phone calls and emails.

The solar electrician became who he is today by, first, receiving any Bachelor’s Degree (preferably those that are peppered with math subjects). Solar panel installation is a special skill which is why many who want to become solar electricians enroll in an internship or training program. Once done, the solar electrician can get a job as an apprentice and apply for a license which will allow him to legally install PV systems.

It often requires 4,000 hours of on-the-job training to receive the license. The program can take as much as three years to accomplish but the solar electrician has perks as he gets to travel a lot. The solar electrician helps build an energy efficient society. His education and work gets him to places where he wouldn’t have seen if he chose a different career path. There is much to learn for every solar electrician. He can also train others in the future while keeping himself abreast with upcoming technological updates.

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