The Luna Tufted Modern Leather Sofa from the Protégé Upholstery of Fine Furniture Design is sleek yet sassy.

Interior design and architecture are examples of professions that are not static, meaning, they constantly evolve and let in innovations. In fact, they constantly have to face challenges as the changing times catch up with them. For you to strive in their profession, architects and designers need to be intelligent, imaginative, and inspiring all of the time.

Who’s the Rock Star Interior Designer?

Let’s begin the enumeration in a nutshell –

  • Creator of amazing atmosphere
  • Has recognized works
  • Never has one style
  • Either a purist or an eclecticism guru
  • Works are inspired by other artists
  • Knows the science of interior design as well as its artistic aspects (an aesthetic polymath)
  • Could defend any anomalies in his or her design as a redefinition of a certain style or design element
  • Has provocative works or could also be simple depending on what the situation calls for
  • Creates timeless or unconventional spaces, again, depending on the need at the moment.

The Modern Designer

It does not take a professional designer to point out the difference between a modern and a contemporary design. Historically, modern style veered towards functionality. So for something to be categorized as modern, it must, first and foremost, have a function.

In the early part of the 19th century, there were some people who opposed the traditional decorations. These groups came up with their own futuristic designs which were styles that featured innovation during that time.

Modern style as viewed today has a slight transformation compared to the Mid-century style. The styles post-modernism are a lot different, on the other hand. These styles are what’s known today as contemporary styles. These came into existence in the late part of the 1970s.

Contemporary design is not a style on its own because it can be the representation of different designs and ideas including modernism. Post-modernism is another one of its aspects as are de-constructivism, Art Deco, and Futurism.

Even as designers would try to define the term contemporary today, they are still conflicted over the different styles that have inspired it as well as the aesthetics of each of these styles.

It is understandable, therefore, why people often interchange contemporary style with modern design. But here’s why contemporary design is different – it is going to be a different style in 10 to 20 years – or not.

So, given these aspects, who then is the modern designer?

Modern designer are mostly associated with minimalist schemes. Expect them to foster openness instead of a closed space plan. And since these are the experts who see the beauty in simplicity, they would surely advocate the less is more definition of modernism.

Take a careful look at the modern buildings. You will notice the deliberate asymmetry in each. These resemble the best of traditional or historical architecture. As you go and take a look at modern homes, you will surely find elegance and class. This is due to the designer’s choice of pastel colors and the stripped flooring.

The modern interior designer is also likely to set up a bright and open window style. This is the best kind for light dispersion.

All the colors in modern homes are appropriate because you could never go wrong with neutrals, especially white. The alternative hue is always black. The furniture pieces are also obviously sleek and have metallic elements. It is also fairly common to find large, chunky tables, plush sofas, and armchairs constructed with raised legs.

Are there restrictions in modern design? The answer is a simple yes. Color, to begin with is only restricted to neutrals, pastels, and the alternative hue which is black. The only shots of lively colors that are acceptable are the primary colors, nothing more.

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