One great way to boost a homeowner’s morale is to have a unique home design. One of the possibilities of creating an exclusive look is to have wall decal installation done in your home. It is time to find out what wall decals are and why you should adopt them in your own home.

Wall decals by simple definition are just wall stickers. They are those peel-then-stick matter paper or vinyl material complete with a pattern, design or graphic. These are often used to beautify walls and to achieve a different level of aesthetic appeal.

There are various sizes, patterns and designs for wall decals. Each kind is given a name according to its type such as Spider-man, Star Wars, flowers, heroes, planets, buildings, and many more.

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When you are out to shop for wall decals, consider the theme that you are going to use in a room. Always keep in mind that environments can evoke different moods, depending on the look that you use. Since this is so, ou need to find decals that are complementary of your wall painting and even one that reflects your individuality.

There are many ways that you can use these beautiful wall decals. At home, they can be used as an accent to your wall. In dorm rooms, they can be used to personalize a student’s bed space. In an office, a wall graphic can showcase the nature of the job or it can be used to add liveliness for a increased productivity. Playrooms can make use of wall decals as decorative elements. When used in the right manner, they can even be used as educational or instructional materials for young kids. This is true with bird, alphabet, or animal decals. 

Benefits of Wall Decal Installation

  • Compared to wallpapers, wall decals can be easily removed without causing any kind of damage to walls or the paint. You can also reposition the graphic if you want it placed elsewhere.
  • Wall decals add a unique touch to any interior. You can also have your lifestyle reflected with the use of designs that you really love.
  • You can say goodbye to boring walls as these wall decals can convey ideas that ordinary paint won’t be able to do.
  • Wall decals are more affordable than paint.
  • Wall decals are great gifts to your friends and loved ones.
  • Compared to posters, wall decals are a notch higher because they are more durable.

DIY Installation Guide

  • First, choose the best location for the wall decals. Find a surface that is dry and smooth such as a window or door. Even walls are also a great choice.
  • For painted walls, make sure that there is a primer underneath the paint or the color could easily peel.
  • Wall decals can be reapplied many times but just make sure that there are no oils or dirt on the area where you are going to have them reapplied. Never install decals near heat sources.
  • Prep the surface by using a dampened sponge (warm, soapy solution must be used). Clean the walls, window or door. Let dry.
  • Now it’s time to apply the decals to the surface. Pull the backer material from the decal then position it to your chosen surface.
  • Continue pulling away the backer then smoothen out as you go.
  • Brush from the center then to the outer edges, keep doing this till the entire decal has finally adhered.

It is best to do wall decal installation with somebody else on standby, more so when you have to set up a huge graphic.

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