Video SEO – 4 Key Elements (Link Roundup)

E-commerce videos are slowly realizing the importance of  SEO (search engine optimization). Webinars discuss its significance for the company’s website, the probability of gaining more customers and becoming a recognized brand.

SEO practices are applicable to each video strategy and every business person must realize that. Searching is quickly evolving with each year. In fact, Google alters its search algorithm at a rate of 500 to 600 times annually – that’s a lot within just a year.

Social elements are now being cleverly incorporated into search results. This is understandable because social factors have constantly been supporting SEO indirectly. Haven’t you, at one point, shared a link because you loved a music video or you were amazed with the company’s unbelievable campaign? Think of all the retweets that you made all because you found certain videos to be breathtaking.

Understand Optimization

In order to maximize video SEO, you need to brush up first on common SEO practices. Optimizing videos in order to become more searchable on search engines isn’t a separate discipline. This is no less than an extension of SEO. Since this is so, you need to learn the best SEO practices such as site structure, a well-mapped navigation, internal site links as well as title tags. These are all important in driving traffic to your site. As soon as you have optimized your website, then you would discover that the video results will rank a little higher than before.

Begin with Keywords

Remember that your videos will not have a good rank if you use phrases that people are not actually searching for. It is for this reason why you need to begin with keyword research in video SEO. If article writing means using the right keywords in strategic parts of the articles, then this is no different with videos.

You might want to begin with YouTube since this is an effective keyword research tool. It helps that you know what people are currently searching for when looking for the best videos. It also helps if you take a look at Google’s keyword suggestions in order to determine what people are looking for in Google.

Submit a Video Sitemap

It can be hard for Google to locate videos on your pages. To make sure that it finds your videos, you need to, first, create an XML video sitemap. This sitemap dictates to the search engine the exact location of the page as well as of the video. More information is also added.

To do this, look for Google’s webmaster tools. As soon as you are done doing this, Google goes to your page to confirm that the video really exists. It also indexes your video so that it can begin to appear on the universal search results.

To know if your video has been indexed by Google, go to and find out how many videos have already been indexed on your site. See if there are any mismatches.

Add Video Transcripts

A lot of e-commerce websites do not have a lot of text. In this case, it would help if you add transcripts to each of your videos. It is believed that pages with transcripts earn 16% more profits after they added the transcripts.

Have the transcripts in the source code. Make sure that it is not hidden from the viewers. If you have to put the transcript at the bottom of your page, then don’t be tempted into stuffing it with keywords.

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