Universal Interior Design Ideas for Your Home (Link Roundup)


Home interior design is the art of beautifying a room so that it is presentable, functional and appealing to the eye. The interior designer’s goal is to provide a certain feel inside the room and to evoke that same feeling to your visitors and friends. The design is supposed to encompass many aspects such as your choice of wall color, flooring, furniture and fittings. As you have probably noticed, there is a very thin line between decoration and designing.

Spacious Room Design Ideas

If you simply love wide, open spaces and would want to have a well-lit and ventilated ambience, then you need to create that feeling of largeness in any room. To do this, you need to eliminate the shadows which can easily slice a room into smaller bits.

Work on the lighting; soft, even light is best in achieving spaciousness. Do not invest on ceiling lights because they can make ceilings appear lower. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, can widen a room.

Make it a point to keep surfaces free of thick textures. Remember that smoother surfaces reflect light and can make rooms appear larger.

Use beige, cream, cool pastels or gray for your floors and walls. The ceiling must have the lightest color of all.

Furniture placement plays a huge role in making a room appear spacious. Put the largest pieces against walls in order to maximize the space in the middle of the room.

Cozy Room Interior Design Ideas

For a more comfortable ambience, you can begin by using directed light such as down-shaded lamps or a reading lamp. Rather than halogen or fluorescent lamps, try to use incandescent lighting for a warmer glow.

Find strong colors for both your walls and flooring. These colors tend to bring in the sides of the room towards the center. Dark walls and floors in green, blue or deep red hues will create  a seemingly smaller space.

Heavy textures can add warmth in any room; use iron rather than chrome or brick instead of the usual glazed tiles. Use a lot of patterns inside the room to achieve a sense of coziness.

Designs for Room Corners

Room corners can be a designer’s haven or a dull space. With just a little imagination, you can create a corner space that draws the eye. Begin by filling the corners with natural or artificial potted plants.

Pedestals that come in varied sizes look great in corners and so does a table top with a pretty fabric and a chair at each of its sides. Put a decorative lamp, some of your favorite pictures and some collectibles and that corner in your room will surely captivate your visitors.

A corner cabinet can also work, perhaps, a hanging cupboard, too. These are handsome solutions that can add storage areas as well as a place to showcase your prized collections.

Room Themes

A well-designed room may still lack flair if you failed to put in your personal taste in it. Choose the most basic design elements then you can choose to alter them to suit your preference.

A themed room says a lot about you.  This will provide a place where you can feature your arts, crafts and collections. Choosing the theme entails knowing the purpose of the room first. For instance, the bedroom should be a place of tranquility; the living room, a place for many activities; and the kitchen and dining areas should be places where the family can gather to enjoy food. Lastly – and this is applicable to all types of homes – consider how to setup the room. Arrange the furniture so that you do not feel cramped, are always productive, and can feel most at home.

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