The Ultimate Secret Of Small Bedroom, Seemingly Huge Space

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Do you live in a city apartment or a small condominium unit? Then you’re not alone in thinking that you need more space. Extra space is an issue that many apartment, condominium, and townhouse dwellers often moan and groan about.

The solution to a square footage is not the addition of an annex or the purchase of an extra unit. Square footage can be had, too, even in those compact living areas.

Go for Pale

Probably the easiest way to make a compact room feel airier is to mix whites with softer and paler tones like taupe, beige or pastel blue and pink. Add unique textures and some potted plants or flowers in vases, here and there, and your space will immediately liven up even when the rest of the walls are tight.

Installing breezy, white curtains as well as linens is also the best way to go. Even when the walls are already painted white, these curtains will add a different sense of openness to your home.

Yes to Dark Colors, too

Don’t be scared of dark walls even when you have a smaller space to live in. Use a dark accent wall that can visually recede and which could even help in making the room appear a bit larger. Don’t just go for all colors that are pale – you have many more beautiful options, too.

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When you choose a different approach such as lots of dark hues instead, then you choose to embrace the coziness of your place. Add textured accents in lighter colors so that you offset the darkness in the room.

Be Creative with Graphics

There is still room for drama and creativity even in small spaces. Don’t think that your hands are tied just because you have a small area to work on.

Smaller rooms have an easier way of making statements and you must capitalize on that. Just imagine a bold accent wall against the neutrals all around. That one wall can anchor the rest of the space and render it stylish.

Try the Asymmetrical Approach

If you do not have enough room for tables on opposite sides of your bed, then you can go for the asymmetrical approach. Put a table on just one side of the bed then have a tall floor lamp or even a clamp lamp on the opposite end.

This should even offer some storage for your night readings. Pick a basic white or black lamps with conical shades. This can be the element that will balance your single nightstand without it being a mirror image of the said table.

Be sure also to angle the floor lamp towards the bed instead of having it straightened. This is the best angle in which you can comfortably read your novels during the evening.

Use Large Art Effectively

If you’re thinking that you won’t be able to display a large painting, in your small apartment, then you’re totally wrong. In fact, big art pieces can make a small room appear bigger because of their commanding scale. Just make sure to pick art frames in pale or white colors so that the pieces look collected instead of aggressive.

Make Good Use of Lights and Reflective Surfaces

If you have a nonexistent table space, then the best way to provide ample lighting for your home are wall-mounted lights. These can give you light during your reading nights without stealing a single inch of space from your floor area.

Plug-in sconces also work well over the bed. Recessed lights or wall sconces can be placed throughout your home, too.

Lastly, talk of adding depth, mirrors have always been the go-to design element of choice. Their reflective surfaces can open up a space as they can make a room appear twice bigger than it actually is.

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