How to Turn a Basement to a Cozy Guest Room This Christmas

Hooker Furniture Bedroom Arabella King Upholstered Panel Bed
Hooker Furniture Bedroom Arabella King Upholstered Panel Bed

Adding a guest room during the Christmas season is a wonderful way of welcoming your guests. Rather than have them sleep in the couch or in a sleeping bag, setting up their own room is your warm way of welcoming them to your lovely home. While winter may not be the best time to do some home improvement projects, a smaller task such as re-purposing the basement shouldn’t be too difficult.

The obvious benefits of adding a guest room in your home is that you don’t have to worry about pull-out couches anymore. On the long-term, the resale value of your home would even go up because of this wonderful addition.

In-laws who might pay you a visit these holidays would feel welcome in your new guestroom, too. It can also serve as a multi-purpose zone where the children could play when there are no guests or it could also be the rec room for when you need it.

If you have really made up your mind and are adamant in transforming your basement to a guest room this Christmas, then here are the things that you need to do –

Clean Up

This Wesley Allen Bedroom Daybed can double as a couch during the day.
This Wesley Allen Bedroom Daybed can double as a couch during the day.

Of course, you have just made a renovation so make sure that there is no debris left. Be sure to sweep, scrub, and check again. This is the most basic thing that you can do to set up a guestroom.

Keep your personal items out of this room now. Guests would love to have a room that’s clean and fresh rather than one that is filled with your stuff.


One of the best ways to transform a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint. That dark zone can be easily transformed into a restful one if you decide to give it two or more coats of paint.

Just picture chocolate brown walls welcoming your guests to their room. A sisal rug will look perfect in this setting as well as a rustic mirror. Add white crown molding as well as a baseboard and it’s as homey as this room could get.

Add Some Headroom

The new guest bedroom will look spacious if you add in 10-foot high walls. Don’t worry about the cost of digging these walls that would support a higher ceiling because the costs are actually nominal. The extra headroom is another feature that will up the value of your property so this is always a wonderful addition.


The basement may be the best place to set up a new guest room because of its sound-reducing properties. Just to make sure that the floors and ceilings do not create unnecessary sounds that would disturb your guests, it is best to install fiberglass insulators.

Fully insulated flooring may not be a necessity but at least cover the concrete with carpet so that the guest will feel more comfortable. While basements are naturally cool, it is best to provide insulation not just for the sound but also to prevent the chill from becoming an issue.

Line Up a Bed or Two

Who says you have to limit your guest bedroom to just one bed? A lower level bedroom can line up two or more twin beds. Iron beds look nice when they lie side-by-side. Add a ceiling fan for air circulation and up the level of comfort.

Provide Storage and Amenities

You should also provide ample storage space for your guests. There must be a wardrobe in this room as well as shelves and nightstands. Apart from the furniture and storage units, make sure that the guests will have fresh sheets, quilts, and blankets.

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