Your Turf, Your Design: How to Personalize Your Living Space


Have you lived in a rented space for the longest time? You might have tried all that you can to make the place homier but it is true that decorating could get really tough at times. There are even moments when limited space could prove to be the biggest issue.


When you leave this rented space and finally get to your own property, it is but natural that you would want to personalize the space straight away. After all, this is finally your dream house so it’s about time to show the world who you are.

So, how do you leave your personal stamp in your new home?

Create Planters

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency pointed out that indoor air pollution is also a real threat to human health. Studies also prove this and they add that indoor plants can be effective tools in purifying the air. Harmful agents can be eliminated from the body as the plants help purify the air.

Houseplants have also been proven to improve mental health. Homeowners also believe that they feel less stressed when they brought in plants to their home. If you want to boost your mood and productivity, then start creating planters indoors.

Even a small space would be able to house a few plants. You can repurpose small cans and create planters for some cacti or succulents. A vertical indoor garden is also an interesting piece to look at. You can do this by repurposing an old spice rack.

You don’t have to be limited to greens and succulents. You can also bring in flowering plants to make your habitat more interesting. Or you could simply put some freshly cut flowers in a glass vase.

A New Door Paint

Instead of immediately repainting the entire exterior of your home, why not commit to painting just the door for now? You could do this while you’re still looking through an array of paint options.

Installing a shiny, new hardware can also give your home that needed a fresh look. Change the locks, too, since this is also a wonderful idea when you buy a new home.

Paint One Wall (and One More)

Choosing colors for the entire house can be a tricky project. Why not save yourself some trouble by committing to paint just a wall or two for now? Having the walls painted will make your place more comfortable. Do this while you determine what to paint the rest of the structure with.

Personalize with Photos

Now that you own your own home, this is the perfect time to bring out your fave photos and to have them beautifully framed. These photos can be your art gallery pieces.

Don’t be concerned about those holes on the walls; instead, use some removable hanging strips instead of the usual nails.

Hello to a New Kitchen Faucet

You might have bought a home that has a kitchen that has seen better days. If this is the case, then consider installing new faucets there as well as the bathroom. Faucets cost relatively little compared to major design changes that you would make in your newly bought home.

Install a Rug

You might be the type that prefers bare floors but gives area rugs a chance. These fluffy pieces can make a huge difference in the overall aura of your home. A rug is a tool for ultra-comfort.

Say No to Clutter

This is your new home so there is absolutely no home for clutter. Don’t just depend on scrubbing and dusting. You can also use some scented products to improve the general cleanliness in your place.

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