Tips to Clean Upholstery Without a Machine

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Just like carpet cleaning our furniture and upholstery also needed to be cleaned and maintained properly. Upholstery cleaning is very necessary these days. Our upholstered furniture like sofa, dining table, and chair, table, couch, etc. bear various types of dust, dirt, skin residuals, bacteria, germs, allergens, smells, etc. Further, our upholstery also faces various dark spot and stains which can’t be easily removed. Due to all this, it becomes necessary to clean the upholstery to make your upholstery free from all these unhygienic particles. People in Sydney have a very busy life and don’t get much time to clean the upholstery. Also to clean the upholstered furniture on your own one need to make heavy investment in term of tools and equipment. So that’s why most people find it difficult and time-consuming to clean the upholstery.

But don’t worry as here we provide you with the best ways and tips through which you can easily clean your upholstery on your own without the use of machines. Through these tips, you don’t need to invest in heavy cleaning equipment and you can easily clean the different types of upholstery on your own. These tips to clean the upholstery without a machine are explained as follows.

  1. First, understand Your Upholstery Cleaning Specifications:

Before cleaning the upholstery you should know all about your upholstery. Different Upholstered furniture is made of wood, steel, plastic, etc. Further, every piece of upholstered furniture has different upholstery fabric on it. Like some upholstery is of cotton, synthetic, sponge, wool, etc.  For each type of upholstery and upholstery fabric, different types of cleaning methods are needed to be used. If you don’t do so then it can damage your upholstery or upholstery fabric in turn. So always before cleaning first, you need to understand your upholstery type, etc.

  • Follow the instructions:

Before cleaning the upholstery one should also know that whether they can use water or any other material to clean their upholstery or not.  Don’t worry it is not too difficult to know. For this just simply read the instruction or code written on the tag of the couch or upholstery.  Some of the normal code used on the tag and their meaning is given as follows.

  • S: S means don’t use water. For this type of upholstery dry cleaning or steam cleaning is used. One can also use rubbing alcohol and vinegar for cleaning.
  • W: W means water. It shows that you can use water to clean the upholstery.
  • S-W: It indicates that one can use both
  • X: Symbol X means that on this upholstery one cannot use water only a vacuum cleaner can be used.

Before starting the couch cleaning always read these symbols and instructions carefully.

  • Vacuum cleaning the upholstery or couch:

The first step in cleaning is always vacuum cleaning. Vacuum cleaning will remove all the different dirt, dust, hairs, soil, etc. from your couch or upholstery. It makes the upholstery or couch cleaning process more smooth and easy.

  • Using some dish soap solution:

In case your upholstery has any stain one can use this method to remove the stain. For this take half a cup of water and 3-4 tablespoons of dish soap and mix them well. Then, take a sponge or clean cloth and soak it into this mixture. Now politely rub this cloth on the stained area to remove the stain from the couch. This solution can easily remove stains from chair fabric or other upholstered furniture.

  • Use vinegar or alcohol to clean the :

 If your upholstery’s tag contains Symbols “S” then you can use this vinegar or alcohol to dry clean the upholstery at home on your own. Simply take a clean cloth and dip this cloth in the vinegar or rubbing alcohol whichever is available. After that, clean the whole upholstery with this cloth properly. It is the best way to do sofas dry cleaning at home.

  • Use baby wipes:

Another best way to clean sofas at home without a machine is using baby wipes. It is another safe and effective sofas dry cleaning method that can be used for upholstery cleaning.  Simply take baby wipes and wipe them on the whole upholstery. It helps in cleaning and removing the stains and spots from the upholstery.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda:

This is another way to clean upholstery. Through this method, bad smell and odor from the upholstery can be easily removed from the upholstery. Simply take some baking soda in powder form and sprinkle it in the upholstery. Wait for at least 6-8 hours and then remove the baking soda from the upholstery through a clean cloth.

  • Do spot treatments:

For different types of stains like food stains, blood stains, wine stains, oil stains, and ink stains, etc. one can use these above different methods.  The various home ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, salt, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, etc. can be used to do various spot treatments.

  • Cleaning Upholstery fabric that can handle water:

For W or W-S symbol upholstery, one case uses this method which includes the use of water.  For this take 4-5 tablespoons of vinegar, 6-8 tablespoons of vinegar, and 1 or 2 cups of water and make a mixture of them. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the upholstery. Take a soft-bristled brush and generally rub the upholstery. After that wait for at least 1-2 hours and then clean the upholstery with water. After that, let the upholstery dry.

Thus these were all the best ways to clean sofas at home without using the machine. Through these tips, one can easily remove stains from the chair fabric and other upholstery at home. But due to any reasons you by using these tips you don’t get any result or if you find these methods difficult to use then don’t worry as you can simply get the expert couch cleaning services. One can easily hire the upholstery or couch cleaning service of our experts to properly clean the different types of upholstery. Our experts use the best tools and equipment for upholstered furniture. You only need to contact us and the rest of the work will be our experts. We Upholstery Cleaning Sydney provide the best upholstery or couch cleaning services at affordable rates along with 24/7 hours of upholstery cleaning services assistance. Our experts also provide sofa dry cleaning services in Sydney. We only use various types of non-harmful chemical and non-chemical methods and techniques to clean every type of upholstery like table, chair, sofas, etc., and make your upholstery look like a new one. For more detail, you can easily contact our staff at any time.

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