Important Tips How to Boost Your Immune System During COVID-19

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What can we do to limit our susceptibility without vaccine?  Some techniques are obvious some are not obvious.  Washing your hands frequently is number 1 on the list of things to do.  Note that hand sanitizer is not a must.  20 seconds of washing with soap and water will do the trick.  Yes, singing Happy Birthday twice takes about 20 seconds, you can mentally sing not out loud.  Get in the habit of rubbing or scratching your face with the back of your hand. 

Social Distancing has become the phrase of the month. Let’s explore.

Social Distance makes sense when you are out and about in places where you do not know with whom you are standing.  This time of year, it has never been a great idea to travel by plane or be in a theater with close seating, especially if you are compromised.  Meaning, if you have a chronic pulmonary or any such condition that has altered your ability to fight off attack then you are compromised.   Please note that a virus does not play by our rules or any bacterial rules.  They are “alien” not literally from space but much different than we.  A virus does not require oxygen, sun light or water.  Viruses love mucous and human cells.  They survive and replicate millions of times within our cells.  That should trigger the question: With millions of replications per individual infection how does anyone survive a viral infection?  In short, each human has trillions of cells, therefore by the time the million replications are upon you, your immune system has done its job by devouring those nasty viruses.  Most importantly, your immune system with those “Pac Man” like cells has also created Pac Man cells that never forget a virus.  The next time corona comes around, and there will be a next time, your body will signal the alarm and protect you even faster than it did this time.

So please, see your family, go outside, just keep a social distance and do not visit the elderly or those with chronic disease. 

At both of our offices we have scheduled patients leaving more time between visits to reduce the number of people in the office by half.  We apply an anti-viral to the tables after every treatment, of course, we did that before, but it is worth mentioning.  I will now where gloves throughout the treatment for each patient and hope this puts everyone at ease.  We want you to feel safe in our offices, as always you should not go anywhere if you are exhibiting symptoms.

Increase your dosage of zinc and vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal and D.  Eat non-mucous producing foods.  Oranges and dairy are 2 foods that will produce a great deal of mucous.  The virus, no matter the strain, loves to live in mucous.

Get 6-8 hours sleep and get it by going to sleep earlier.  Not by sleeping later in the morning.  Exercise is an important factor in boosting your immune system.  Since the gyms are closed, you can exercise at home or better yet, go outdoors and walk for an hour or more.  The physical activity is important for your health physically and mentally!

Remember, a virus does its dirty work by replicating within your healthy cells repeatedly.  To interfere with the process all the above will help. We can accept the invasion and we will ultimately win.

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