​5 Tips for Designing the Ultimate Media Room (Link Roundup)

Make Your Media Room The Envy

Make Your Media Room The Envy

Whether you are staying in for a Netflix binge or inviting over friends to watch the big game, having an impressive media room can make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here are some ideas to help you build, create, and elevate your perfect media room.

Projector or Wall Mounted TV

Nothing will impress you guests like a projector screen. You can choose the done for you version from a home theater company or you can do a little research and choose your own projector and screen. Many stores that sell computers also have a great selection of projectors, and instructions for mounting and calibrating it to fit your screen or wall are included. There are great low cost screen options on eBay, and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

If you don’t have the room for a projector screen, you can still free your room of unsightly cords by mounting your TV to the wall. There are kits to help you do this, or you can hire a company to do it for you if you are uncomfortable running your own cables through the walls. It is such a simple thing that makes a big difference!


One of the most important elements in your media room is the seating. Choosing furniture that is comfortable and provides enough seating is key.

The Party Time Sofa and Loveseat Set is the ultimate in home theater seating and provides power reclining, LED lighting, cupholders, and USB charging ports.

If you would like something more casual, the Corrine Modern Grey Sectional is a great choice because it allows you to move the pieces around to fit your space or event type.


It’s a bit silly to have an amazing screen with low quality sound. Even adding a small surround sound kit from the electronics store will be a wonderful improvement over the sound bar on a standard TV. If you are going with a home theater company, they can help you choose the best speakers for your space and even mount or hide them for a seamless finish.


No one wants to see a glare on the screen that can show up a certain times of the day or from a certain spot on the couch. Use blackout curtains to keep the glare out during your movie time.

Another great tip is to install a dimmer switch. Going from pitch black to blinding yourself when you turn on the light to get more popcorn is not very fun. A dimmer switch helps your room stay dark enough for the screen, and bright enough to be able to maneuver around without disturbing anyone else.

Surface Space

Space for food and drinks is important when having guests over. Choose a wide coffee table, a low media console, or end tables that can be rearranged to accommodate snacks for your guests. This coffee table has a lift-up section that can bring the snacks to you.

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