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Is There Such a Thing as a Right Paint Color? (Link Roundup)

Interior designers who hear reluctant complaints when repainting rooms with vivid hues are laughing from within. While many homeowners are unwilling when it comes to the bold colors that might not go well with the old architectural style of their homes, still, a lot of designers advise them otherwise. In truth, every period in American architecture has embraced the use of colors in rooms.

Indeed, one can find the blue-colored hearth of the Colonial Revival as well as the red parlors of Queen Anne pieces as colors that give life to any setting. Even the open space homes of today where the living rooms and kitchens are spacious tend to have more colorful walls or at least bold accents.

The trick to using bold colors is to figure out which ones should be used in rooms inside your home.

The Architectural Aspect of Colors

One of the best ways to transform any room is to highlight its architectural features. The most striking features in any room are the mantels, moldings, built-in bookcases, wainscot, arched doorways, doors, and windows.

If you want to subtly emphasize a certain structure, be sure to paint it a step lighter or darker than the surrounding walls. This shift in color – no matter how subtle – brings the eyes of the beholder to the architectural detail. Another example is to paint a metallic glaze right above an already painted element such as a ceiling medallion. To achieve a luster that equals elegance, use a copper or bronze finish.

If you want to swerve from subtlety and be bolder on your approach, try to use two colors on the same room. For instance, a niche or built-in bookcase can be painted with a shade of green while the walls are colored blue.

Architectural elements are effective in achieving continuity throughout the house. White and off-white colors are the traditional choice for windows, doors, and moldings and there is a good reason behind this. Light colors offer seamlessness, thus, the illusion of space.

The Most Suitable Dining Room Colors

When you are out to choose a color for your dining room and would want to be trendy, then you can opt for the earthy tones. These are the most popular options these days since they effortlessly convey feelings of warmth.

Yet earthy tones can also be versatile. If you use the psychology of color, orange and red can be stimulating, with the latter being able to up people’s appetite. Blue, on the other side of the spectrum, suppresses appetite. Hence, people who do not want to grow horizontally should think of using blue to paint their dining rooms.

Popular Kitchen Colors

In choosing paint for the kitchen, be sure to check the color of the cabinets first. This should be your guide since the cabinets are often the most expensive room features. Renown choices include – again – earthy tones like peach, brown and yellow.

Brick red and other strong colors also look great in kitchens more so when used with a complementary accent color.

Blues and greens are not often chosen for kitchens especially when they are in the lighter shades. In the right hands, dark blue or green hues may be used effectively.

Astonishing Living Room Colors

Living rooms are a bit more tricky to paint. The homeowner needs to consider aspects such as the size of the room, the lighting fixtures used, and the mood that is supposed to be set.

The rule of thumb, as always, is light colored paint will make the living room appear larger while darker shades will make it seem more compact yet a lot cozier.

Chic Bathroom Colors

The most popular options for this room include earthy shades, sea foam green, and light blue. These are all natural shades if you noticed. Veer away from extremely dark colors because they will make the room seem smaller.

Relaxing Bedroom Colors

Any light shade such as blue or green is often a good way to approach the bedroom. Steer clear of jarring colors such as bright yellow, red, and orange. For added romanticism, use peach, burgundy, pink or coral shades.

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