The Victorian Style: 5 Design Ideas for Your Modern Home

Victorian Interior Design

If you are thinking of a Victorian-inspired design for your home, what immediately comes to mind are pictures of elaborate and grand furniture and décor that are filled with colors and patterns. This is a style that was inspired by the Victorian era when nature and geometry were the leading inspirations for homes. In essence, people from 1837 through 1901 wanted the world to know that they have wealth and they are willing to flaunt it. 

This unique interior design centers on sophistication and beauty through the use of decorative pieces and furniture with intricate designs.

Be Financially Prepared

Be forewarned – using the Victorian theme in your home can cost you a great deal of money. Even if this is the case, it is certain that the result will not frustrate you.

If you are running low on your budget, just glean the important points then design your home in the simplest aspects. You may also want to ask around for pre-loved (second-hand) Victorian-inspired furniture that are sold at dirt-cheap prices.

Victorian-style Walls Come in Bold Colors

Always remember that the walls of Victorian-style homes should be painted in dark but lively colors like sapphire or ruby. If painting the walls is not your cup of tea, then opt for wallpapers that come in florals.

Wallpapers with smaller patterns are best for smaller units. Choose wood flooring then cover it with an elegant carpet.

For your curtains, use brocade or velvet then splash the rooms with candles, antique figurines, oriental dolls, and the like.

Think of Unique Patterns

Almost every surface in Victorian homes were covered with intricate patterns, more particularly, flora and fauna designs. These days, geometric patterns as well as stripes are some of the most picked designs for Victorian style modern homes.

This liking for patterns can be carried on to your choice of furniture, wall mouldings and ornaments.

Cornice is a popular feature for many authentic Victorian-style homes. This can be easily recognized through its curves, ridges and a deep inner cove with shallow depth.

Consider the Best Flooring

When thinking of floors for your Victorian-style home, make ornaments and intricacies your best friends. Incorporate designs with the most expressive colors. Medium to dark wood flooring that is covered with Persian carpet can help you achieve your desired setting.

Buy Authentic or Repro Furniture

Again, your choice of furniture is dependent on your budget. Just keep in mind that Victorian furniture was quite formal. Pieces that were placed in dining rooms were polished tables and straight-back chairs.  This is no surprise since discipline was paramount back then especially during meal times.

Modern Victorian furniture repro has been created with stunning aesthetics. And with the advent of modern finishes, a lot of the difficult work was replaced by proper wood polish or even just a wipe of damp cloth.

It is not impossible to furnish your whole home with Victorian pieces. Whether you want a study, library, or featured rooms in your home; there are now dealers of low-priced authentic or reproductions of Victorian-inspired furniture pieces.

Modern-Victorian furniture rely on veneers instead of the usual solid wood. You will soon observe that the wood used in reproductions are a lot softer which is why they are cheaper.

This is not to say, though, that you cannot find quality, modern Victorian-inspired furniture these days. These pieces are now available online and also in many traditional brick and mortar shops.

Whatever you choose, be it the expensive type or the affordable ones, you can be sure that Victorian furniture will make your home look classy and timeless. Are you ready for the most chic style of all?

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