Did you know that what is referred to as vintage design is actually the glamorous ‘40s? Not a lot of people know this, in fact, there are some people that think of vintage as something that is quite new. This is, of course, not the case.

The Vintage Era – A Beautiful Period

The beautiful vintage era can be recreated in your home. You will feel extremely nostalgic when you look at the elegant pieces that comprise this period in time. See the historical influences that you can use to mimic the stylish look during that time.

There is a rich history behind the vintage design. Imagine the people and their newly-regained freedom – what did they do with it? Also, many must still remember the sufferings during the period of war and so they just learned to make do with what they already had. If you would carefully look at both the 40s and 50s design, you will realize that they have a distinctive look.

If you want to join the number of homeowners that now utilize the vintage design, then go ahead and do so. Learn some beautiful and helpful tips that can help you go back in time (at least in terms of the design of your home).

Colors All-Around

Imagine the hallway or entrance with a kitsch wallpaper. What you have just pictured is a classical entryway that depicts boldness and a different level of class. As to the lighting, the designer must see to it that it is not too dark or too light. There must be a soothing balance that is achieved as the lighting fixtures are installed.

When it comes to the color scheme that you will use, be sure to stay close to the light, neutral tones. A bolder color can be used to drive a clear impact in a room. Go too bright and you just lost the beauty of the vintage style.

To begin, have an off white color then slowly add pale, soft colors such as egg shell blue. Just imagine a living room that is painted white and egg shell blue – it is unique, expansive to the sight, and it is invigorating.

When it comes to the colors of the upholstery, it is safe to use a mushroom color. To accentuate the beauty of this color, place some cushions with a unique white and navy blue scatter.

Furniture that you can use is the button-backed, upholstered piece. This kind of furniture will surely blend well with the vintage interiors more so when you use leather or plain fabrics.

The walls should be splashed with floral and bold patterns. Do this by having wallpapers installed or finding paint colors that depict the historic era. Consider adding timber wall paneling to the design. Just be sure to put your thoughts in order then put all your ideas on a mood board. Assemble what you can use as well as all your other design preferences.

The ‘40s Look Isn’t Complete Without These

  • What is the vintage era is there are no huge cabinets, sideboards and display units? Buy vintage box TV and your home will surely be the talk-of-the-town.
  • Pieces that match the architecture of the room.
  • A little retro lighting.

Find distressed furniture pieces that you can blend with your other furnishings. The distressed look is what will give your living room that authentic vintage appeal.

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