The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Favorite Items

Customized items are everywhere these days. You can customize almost anything your heart desires by this point in time. There are so many options out there you’ll run out of things to customize before you’ll run out of ways to customize them. The market for personalized and custom items is growing at an extremely rapid rate.

The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Favorite Items

Technavio, an industry leader in providing personalized/customized gifts for corporations predicts that by 2021 the personalized gift market will reach $31.63 billion a year. This is proof that the concept of customizing your favorite items isn’t just a passing fad. Customization is here to stay, and even large brands are jumping in on the chance to make some money with it.

You can find customized Converse sneakers, cell phones can be ordered with Swarovski crystals laid onto them in a pattern of your choice, and you can even find large denim companies like 7 For All Mankind getting in on the customization trends. These companies know the chance to personalize something makes their brand stand out. 

If you aren’t sure how you can start to use customized products in your own life, there might be more options than you realize. Depending on what you want to do with a personalized item you have a whole world of choices out there. Everything from wedding presents to fun party favors are all options to customize your favorite things.

Still curious about how you can make customized items work in your everyday life? You’re in the right place. This guide is going to be your ultimate way to find a customized item for just about everything in your life, and every occasion you could think of. Here’s the ultimate guide to customizing all of your favorite items (and how you can actually use them too.)

How To Customize Your Favorite Items

Most websites that offer custom items have a fairly simple process for customizing whatever you choose to buy. You’ll want to make sure you have a few things ready before you get started though. Before you get too far into deciding what you want to customize here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Pick A Good Photo:

Your picture should be clear and high-quality. The higher the resolution the better. Remember that the photo is going to be on display and printed in a much different format than an average picture would be.

Any pixelation will be extremely obvious. If the website is warning you that your picture resolution is below what they recommend, take that to heart or your custom item may look grainy and disappointing when you get it.

  • Proofread Carefully:

Most customized items will allow you to type out quotes, names, or messages. Keep in mind that the website you use is going to print EXACTLY what you type. They are not going to fix any typos or misspellings so proofread carefully. What you see on the screen is what’s going to show up on your item.

  • Give Final Approval With Care:

This builds on your proofreading step but it goes a little further. When you do a photo custom printed item you’ll usually be asked to approve a digital proof of your final item. Look over that digital proof carefully. Again, what you see on the screen is what you’re going to get when you receive your item.

Check for things like the picture being cropped incorrectly, misspellings or types (again), and look for any warnings from the website itself. The digital proof may warn you once again that your picture isn’t the quality they recommend, or that they may need to scale your image. Pay attention to all of those things before clicking that “approve” button.

When Would You Want To Customize Your Favorite Items?

There are a lot of occasions in which customized products would be both useful and meaningful. Depending on what you want to use the item for (a gift, or your own personal use) you can find a reason to customize almost anything. If you still aren’t quite sure when a custom item would be a good fit, here are some great times to consider using custom items.

Customized Items For Your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer brings a whole host of ways to use customized items. There are graduation parties and family reunions. Summer is the most popular season for weddingsand a customized gift is something that will mean a lot more than anything you might find at a store.

The chances to use customization to make your summer truly special are too numerous to possibly list every single one.All you have to do is think about the events you go to every year during the summer to realize that some custom things would make those events even more entertaining and memorable.

Not sure where to start when it comes to your summer and possible customized items? Take a look at some of these great ideas:

1. Beach Towels

How often does your family go to the beach or lake during the summer months? Chances are you spend at least some time out enjoying the weather and will need some beach towels to take with you. Of course, you could opt for some regular beach towels from the store, but customized beach towelswould make things far more entertaining.

Custom Beach Towel By FamilyDivine

Think about the fights over beach towels when one kid decides they want the green one at the same time their sibling decides they also want the green one. Customized towels with pictures of each kiddo are a great way to avoid that whole scenario altogether. No more questioning whose towel belongs to whom. The pictures will say it all.

2. Tumblers

Summer months mean you are going to be out and about quite a bit. If you are someone who enjoys having something to drink with you while you’re out, you probably own at least a few tumblers. They’re great and they often keep your drink cold or hot depending on what you’re drinking, too. 

While you could go with a tumbler from the store it’s not always the most exciting option. Instead of opting for a regular tumbler you can look at customizing a tumbler with a family photo or a picture of your pets. Whatever would make you smile every time you pick your drink up is a possibility.

Custom Tumbler

Custom tumblers would be awesome gifts for your wedding party if you’re having a summer wedding, too. Put a picture of your bridal party at a pre-wedding gathering on the tumblers and hand them out the day of your wedding so everyone can stay hydrated.

You can make custom tumblers a great way to have fun that night and everyone can take the tumbler home as a fun reminder of the occasion. Summer is a great time to break out the customized tumblers and share some fun with everyone.

3. Tote Bags

Tote bags are an essential item for summer. They’re easy to toss things into and go. Whether you’re heading to the beach or out on a hike you can take a tote with you to carry the things you’ll need for the day. This is another case where making an outing more fun is a great idea.

Put a picture of the beach you’re heading to on your tote bag or a picture of your last trip to the hiking trail. Keeping your tote bag personalized and customized to your preferences will make sure it doesn’t get lost or stolen. You’ll know right away which bag is yours because no one else will have one like it.

4. T-shirts

Custom t-shirts are a summer must-have. You can use them for family pictures, family reunions, or even for summer sports league games. Want everyone to know which kiddo is yours while you’re cheering the team on? Go full-on proud parent and wear a t-shirt with their picture right there for everyone to see.

If you’re going to use them at the family reunion you can consider getting different colors for each family to encourage a little interfamily competition. Sometimes having customized shirts for each family can help get everyone gathered up for mealtimes too. If each family is looking for their shirt then you’ll know right away when a kid hasn’t wandered back to the campsite for a meal yet.

5. Yoga Pants

If you love wearing yoga pants and being comfortable all summer (or all year) long then it’s time to think about customizing a pair that you’ll love wearing even more. You can think about what colors you love, and what you’d love to have on your yoga pants. Maybe a picture of your favorite pet or a great vacation picture?

Whatever you decide to customize your yoga pants with keep in mind that the picture is likely to cover the whole pair of pants. It’s a little different than customizing other items. You’ll want to think about how the picture looks on a pair of pants instead of just as a flat picture to make sure you’re choosing the best picture to make your custom yoga pants.

6. Custom Clocks

Have you noticed how many times you look at the wall clock in your dining room casually? – Probably too many times. When family and friends are over, The wall clock is almost certain to get some attention from visiting members!

A Custom clock would be a great way to showcase your family photos or your favorite saying/verb or just picture from your favorite vacation destination.

If you would like to showcase your personality to the world, a personalized clock is a great way to do it!

Custom Clock

Customized Items For Your Favorite Memories

Some of the best moments in life pass by so quickly that you find yourself wishing you had a better way to remember that special moment. Your wedding day, birthdays, graduations, or maybe even just a fun party that you really wanted to remember are all important things that should be commemorated in some way.

On average in the US most workers get around 9 paid holidays per year. That’s 9 chances to make a memory that you’ll want to have put on some of your favorite items. That doesn’t even include the above mentioned special occasions. If you include those you’re looking at quite a few chances every year to make a memory you’ll want to have a special reminder of forever.

1. Photo Blankets

If you have a special picture from a favorite holiday or occasion a custom photo blanket is a great option for you. You’ll get the chance to cuddle up with it and remember the special time pictured every time you use the blanket.

They come in a variety of sizes so you can get anything from a basic throw blanket (around 30×40 inches) to something that would fit your entire bed. You can even choose to design the blanket and materials used. That means if you love sherpa blankets you can choose to make a sherpa custom blanket of your favorite picture or memory.

Custom Blanket By FamilyDivine

Photo blankets also make a great gift for things like a housewarming party. If a couple has just gotten married you can surprise them with a custom photo blanket featuring a picture of them at their wedding. They’re sure to love it and it won’t be like anything else they’ve gotten from their other friends or loved ones.

2. Canvas Pictures

Canvas pictures are an extremely popular way to change up how you use your pictures as reminders of your favorite memories around your home. They’re the newer and more intriguing way to display your favorite pictures. The canvas is stretched just like it would be for a painting but it will feature a picture of your choosing instead.

custom canvas print by FamilyDivine

Custom canvas pictures can be found in a large variety of sizes. If you just want a small canvas for your desk at work that’s an option. If you want a canvas that is large enough to hang above your couch in your living room that’s an option too. You can even create a gallery wall full of custom canvas pictures for any room in your home.

3. Photo Mugs

Mugs are always a popular gift item but making a custom photo mug makes it even more special. If you think about the people in your life that love their coffee or tea, and you’re trying to figure out a great gift for them, a custom photo mug is the way to go. It’s already an item they’re going to use and with a picture that makes them smile it’s truly unique.

Custom Mugs by FamilyDivine

Custom photo mugs are a great option for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. You can put a picture of the kids on a mug for Mom or Dad and see how much they enjoy using it.

Even if they don’t drink coffee a custom photo mug makes a great desk decoration or pencil/pen holder to take to work. 

4. Monogrammed Towels/Bedding

You can go a little more classy with some of your customized memory options too. You don’t absolutely have to have a picture to commemorate something special. Monogrammed towels or bedding are a special way to show off a specific date like an anniversary.

Monogrammed towels or bedding are also another great chance to give newlyweds something they can use for their house that will be different from other gifts they’re getting. They’re already going to be excited about their new phase in life and giving them towels or bedding with their new monogrammed initials would be extremely special.

5. Engraved Picture Frames

While you’re thinking about special memories and gifts you can consider customized frames for a picture too. Picture frames with engraved dates or names are always a popular gift item and they look great when you pair them with a picture that matches the name or date you’ve had engraved on the frame itself.

Customized Items For Your Favorite Gadgets

Customization doesn’t have to be limited to blankets and towels. There are so many ways to customize your favorite things in life that you can now customize your favorite tech gadgets too. You don’t have to stick with boring mass-created cases for your phone or tablets. There are plenty of ways to customize your favorite tech items.

1. Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch bands are usually pretty run of the mill. Take a chance to show off your own unique style by getting a custom Apple Watch band. You can put a picture of your kids on the watchband or a goofy picture that will make you laugh.

Custom Apple Watch Bands

It’s just an extra way to make your Apple Watch stand out in a crowd. You aren’t stuck using a plain black band anymore. Go custom and love your Apple watch even more.

2. Phone Cases

Your phone case is another chance to customize your tech items. Custom phone casesare super popular and you can put just about anything on them. Pictures of your kids, your friends, or even your pets. Having a picture on your custom phone case can be the new version of carrying a picture of loved ones in your wallet. You’ll always be able to show off your favorite picture because you’ll always have your phone with you.

Custom Phone Cases by FamilyDivine

You can customize phone cases that are basic or more upgraded options like protective phone cases that will keep your screen from shattering if you drop your phone. (And everyone has dropped their phone at least once, right?)

If you aren’t sure which tech item you want to customize first, go for the custom phone case and see how much you love it. You can always customize your other tech gadgets after you realize how great it is to have a case that isn’t going to look like anyone else’s.

3. Tablet Cases

Just like phone cases, tablet cases are another way to get some custom looks on your gadgets. You’ll be able to find custom tablet case options for almost any brand or size of tablet out there from an iPad mini to a Samsung tablet. There’s going to be a way to customize the case for your favorite tablet regardless of the brand.

4. Laptop Covers

Laptops are one extra way to customize your technology. You can get custom laptop covers or stickers custom printed to just the right size for your laptop. It’s one more chance to customize one of your favorite things. 

A picture that makes you smile right when you’re about to open your laptop and start working for the day could be just what you’re looking for.

Customized Monograms For Your Favorite Things

If you don’t want to put pictures on your favorite things but you still want a custom tumbler or a custom blanket (or a custom anything) don’t forget you can also choose to design something meaningful without using a photograph. You can use monograms and fun designs to make custom looks you won’t be able to find in stores.

A lot of places will let you put things like text, monograms, and fun prints on all kinds of items like the ones you’ve read about here. You could combine your favorite type of print (paisley, leopard print, etc) with your monogrammed initials to make a unique mug, tumbler, or blanket you’ll love for years.

Not everyone wants to put a picture on the things they own, so don’t feel like you’re left out just because you don’t want to put a family photo on something. Go for the custom monogrammed idea instead and get in on the custom trend without having to worry about how your picture is going to look on a towel.

Why Choose To Customize Your Favorite Items?

Customizing your favorite items from tech to towels is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Custom products are definitely here to stay. If you aren’t sure why you should look into customizing something yet, think about how much more special an item is when you’ve created it yourself.

Custom products give you a chance to feel like you’ve created something truly special whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. You’ll get to exercise your creativity while still making something that’s going to be useful in your daily life.

If you don’t think you want anything customized in your home don’t forget that custom items will make great gifts that are sure to be loved by anyone receiving them. A customized gift shows that you put extra thought and love into what you’re giving, and that’s always a very special thing to anyone involved.

Customized gifts are especially useful for meaningful occasions like weddings or graduations. They’re often more treasured and special than standard gifts because the gift is specific to the person receiving it. You can remind someone of a special date, or bring a smile to their face with a special picture of an amazing event.

Think about the next time you have to give a baby gift to someone, for example. If you give them a blanket that’s great. But if you give them a custom blanket with a beautiful image of the mommy-to-be from a maternity photoshoot that’s something they’ll treasure forever and will love to share with their child someday too.

No matter what you choose to customize or who you choose to give the custom item to, keep in mind the ideas you’ve read here. Remember all the great ideas of things you can customize and how you can use them. You’re sure to find at least a few ideas that will fit perfectly into your life and make things a little more interesting. Happy designing!

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