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The 3 Important Parts of a Fulfilling Retirement (Part 1) By Terry S. Mulhern

fulfill health retirement plan

fulfill health retirement plan

Part One: Health
In my book: Retirement: Congratulations You Have been Promoted to CEO! The Habits of Highly Effective CEOs that are Necessary for Retiring Healthy, Wealthy and Fulfilled, ( ) I go into detail on the pieces of an effective retirement plan that include Health, Wealth and Legacy. In this first of three articles, I will cover health.

What is the point of retiring if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it? Sure, you can have plenty of money, which most financial advisors focus on, but if you are not healthy enough to be as active as you would like it is not a successful retirement.

Find Your Purpose!
Let’s start with mental health. For example, Carl Bates, the Chief Executive of Sirdar Group and Co-founder of Contribution Compass, says, “Taking time out is critical. I sharpen my edge by ensuring time out and off-the-grid.” He goes on to say, “In this day and age, having time out is critical. I also read a book a month to keep me current on the topics [that are] relevant to my businesses and our [companies’] success.”

While many people dream about spending endless days on the beach or the golf course when they retire, believe it or not, these activities can actually become mundane after a while.

Then what?
Well, if you have a well-defined purpose, it can make these golden years much more enjoyable. That is why when you are deciding when the right time is for you to retire, you must also keep in mind the idea of purpose. It doesn’t matter what the exact purpose is, as long as it is meaningful to you. Purpose can give you something specific to concentrate on, something to get up in the morning for, and something to provide your days with meaning. So, while most financial planning calculators don’t have any type of solution or printout for purpose in retirement, it is an essential component, nonetheless.

Keep Your Mind fit!
We’ve all heard the phrase, “use it or lose it.” This doesn’t just pertain to tangible items. It can also be associated with keeping our bodies and our minds in shape. In fact, studies from medical doctors, neuroscientists, psychologists, and medical researchers show that living purposefully can have a measurable impact on health outcomes.2 And one of the best ways to do that is to keep your mind fit by being a life-long learner.
What are some of the best methods of getting your mind in shape?
There are actually several ways that you can do so.
Unlike cardio and strength training – which can oftentimes require that you spend hours working out in a gym – there are much more convenient ways to keep your mind in shape, and many of these don’t even require you to leave home.
Some of the best ways to keep your mind fit can include:

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