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The Possible Wooden Bathroom

The Maitland-Smith Bathroom Pompeian Patina Brass Seahorse Tissue Holder, Provence Finished Wood Base 1253-462 should look perfect inside a wooden bathroom.

Wood is believed to be the warmest material that one can use in the construction of any structure. But the sole reason why most homeowners won’t use it inside their bathrooms is that wood and water are not known to mix – at least that’s what we’ve been taught so far.

If we say that wood can be used in your bathroom, would you dare to tread the path that not a lot of people would go?

Laying that wooden flooring used to be taboo in the world of interior design. Yet modern paints and sealants as well as efficient ventilation have made the use of wood inside bathrooms, practical. So now, you can feel like a Scandinavian who has wooden textures and tones inside the bathroom.

A Rustic Touch

If you happen to have a home that comes with wood beams, then you can tap into this wooden feature to jump start your rustic bathroom scheme. The very structure of your home can lead the way. As the beams are up there, make it a point to complement it with touches of wood on the chair or even the bath panel. These should strike the needed balance for both traditional and contemporary features.

Just a Ribbon

If you’re still not comfortable in using wood inside a usually damp room, then have no fear. You can always begin with just a ribbon of wooden cabinet that is placed at a pleasant angle with the bathroom. Make sure that the cabinet or wooden towel rack will not come in contact with splashes of water.

Freshen Up

One of the proven methods to design your bathroom walls is to use the tongue and groove paneling. If you chose this practical option, then you can repaint as the color of the year changes annually. Greenery is the color of the year for 2017 so go ahead and splash the panels with this vibrant color. Next year, who knows where Pantone would take you?

Modernize It

Sleek wooden paneling installed horizontally can add beauty, depth and uniqueness inside a bathroom. It’s not often that one sees wood panels fashioned into the walls and doors. To further add to the drama, just add the correct kind of task and ambient lighting.

Spa-Like Is Super Like

A bathroom that looks and feels like a spa is the in thing these days. Have a steam room set up and have it separated by a wooden partition. A slatted wood bench is not just a seating unit inside the bathroom. It can also serve as a storage unit for towels and other bathing needs.

Wooden Furnishings

Logic would tell that wood should not be used inside a wet room. In the case of your modern bathroom, though, you can use it as a sleek bleachers-sort of seating unit after you towel dry. It can also serve as the encasement of your stone or porcelain sink.

Wood + Metal

You can also mix wood with metal as you give your bathroom an industrial feel this time. Decorate the rest of the room with tiles, wooden boards, and metal. These could be the main materials on your accent wall (just make sure that it sits far away from the shower or bathtub area).

Dark Sets the Tone

This is not the time to be afraid of the dark – the dark tone that is. A bathroom sauna setup can be more dramatic if you fuse dark, smooth, and rich materials such as dark wood, dark blue wall tiles, and grayish blue tile flooring.

Wooden Wrap

If you’re so into the wooden groove, then go for the wrap around style. Have an all wood, veneer-covered encasement for your toilet walls. This should beautifully frame your porcelain bowl and copper sink and faucet.

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