The Path to Becoming an Interior Designer

Choosing the Interior Design Career

Choosing the Interior Design Career

Are you artistic by nature? Have you always been told that you have a keen eye for detail and that you have a burning passion for home design? If this is so, then you might as well establish a career in interior design.

The most common misconception about this career is that there is no longer any need for formal study. However, a careful look at this industry and you will know right away that education is not only an option but is essential.

So, what interior design school should you consider?

All schools may not offer all types of degree like Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in interior design so find out which one you would like to finish. Associate’s degree has two years of study which includes interior design basics, residential design, CAD design, drafting, and architectural methods. The Associate’s degree is typically the course that leads to a junior designer, design assistant or a decorative product specialist job.

If you aim to become a construction project designer or manager in the near future, then you need to finish a Bachelor’s degree. The program curriculum varies per school but all institutions offer this at four years. Majority of the courses are also those from the associate degree level but business courses as well as advance design courses are added. Such courses include perspective drawing, contract design, public relations and interior environments.

Those who wish to have their own interior design firm will need to earn at least a Master’s degree. Depending on whether you graduated with an Interior Design bachelor’s degree, then this will be the basis whether you will be required to take more classes. The Master’s degree program takes 2-3 years to complete if you did not take Interior Design with your bachelor’s degree. Additional courses include design digital media, inclusive design, design theory and environmental psychology.

There are now a lot of design schools in the country with some even offering a hundred-percent online education. There are advantages in taking your interior design course online. First, you pace your study according to what is most comfortable for you. You also get to earn the credentials in no time as you also get to spend time with your family. Just make sure to check the accreditation before you enroll, with the Council for Interior Design Accreditation being the chief accrediting body.

Choosing the Interior Design Career

Interior design can be an exciting career. Enrolling in the right school could help you understand the technical side of the job. The schools can teach you about the profession’s history, architecture, space planning and computer-aided drawing. You will also learn about rules and regulations in handicap access, fire laws, lighting design, sound design and building regulations.

A student will also need to take the NCIDQ exam; this is also referred to as the National Council for Interior Design Qualification test. This is an extremely important exam which can give the student his initial credentials in becoming a qualified interior designer.

Interior design schools should prepare the student for the NCIDQ exams. The student must also have six years of solid experience plus two, post-secondary education years.

Now it is time to talk about earnings – how much would you want to earn as an interior designer?  If earning $22,000 to $44,000 each year is good enough for you, then becoming an interior designer is the path for you. Of course, your salary level depends on your educational background, experience and the qualities that an employer seeks from you.

The well-trained and experienced designers can earn as much as six figures, just make sure to check on the bachelor’s degree option first. Be sure to get the facts before attending an interior design school whether online or in a traditional school.

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