The Level 2 Electrician: An Expert for Intricate Electrical Projects

If you are in need of an electrical contractor to undertake you biggest electrical project yet, then you may want to hit on the brakes and think a little. This is a costly project, to begin with, and you are going to live with the results for quite some time. For example, having to switch from the single phase power supply to a three-phase system means you need someone with expertise.

Only a level 2 electrician has the authority to carry out more complex electrical works. He is the person that can manage these –

  • Wiring requirements for structures that are about to be constructed
  • Underground wiring or rewiring systems
  • Installing meters
  • Fixing overhead power lines
  • Repair defective electrical components
  • Disconnect or reconnect electrical stuff
  • Upgrading switchboards
  • Trimming branches that are already touching live power lines, and many more.

You can surely depend on a level 2 electrician when it comes to major electrical tasks; he has been trained about electrical theory and other fundamentals; he is also competent because of the number of years that he has been working. A level 2 electrician is also likely to remain updated in terms of electrical tools, equipment and devices that can be used to perform their work.

So what else an a level 2 electrician offer? How different is he from a regular electrician?

Apart from connecting service lines to the electric suppliers, they can also manage to do these –

Provide 24-hour emergency service: A level 2 electrician can be relied upon in case of electrical emergencies. If you are in need of underground cable repairs in the middle of the night, then you can call a level 2 electrician ASAP.

Offer contractual services: Licensed level 2 electricians can sign contracts for maintenance works in your home or on business premises. Signing up annually will give you savings in terms of overall cost since you are pretty much covered even for electrical emergencies.

What You Need to Check

So now that you know who to call for major electrical problems, it is time to find out what aspects you need to consider before making your decision –

A Valid License

This is one of the most important things that you need to ask – first. In order to do installation, repair or maintenance work, an electrician must have a recognized license. Without this, you are at risk for haphazard work no matter how cheap it may be.


Electrical work involves certain risks, hence, it is vital to get the right type of insurance. Here are two types that you need to ask your level 2 electrician –

  • Public liability insurance – pays the cost for claims if you or any member of the public gets injured or killed. This also covers property damages caused by the electrical contractor.
  • Employers liability insurance – this covers the employees that the electrical contractor has hired. These are the very people that work inside your home or business premise. This type of insurance covers an employee when he is injured at work or if he suddenly becomes ill because of working for the electrical contractor that you hired.

Since you are the one who is going to pay for the entire project, you might as well investigate further in terms of insurance. Ask for proof of insurance such as policy documents or at least make sure that the insurance is mentioned on the contract. You also have every right to ask for references so that you can speak with the level 2 electrician’s former clients. Talking to past customers allows you to gauge what the electrician can offer. With a major electrical task ahead, you definitely cannot take chances!

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