The Electrician: Why Every Home Needs One (Link Roundup)


From the time that Benjamin Franklin utilized a kite to eventually discover electricity, this power has long since ruled the world. Just think of those times when your home lost power and none of your appliances worked. Just imagine an evening without light, the fridge and your laptop.

Electricity is the very thing that runs everything in your home so when it malfunctions, there is supposed to be an expert that should fix it. Only an expert must handle electrical power because it can easily burn things and for the unlucky ones, it can even cause death. Throughout the country, electrical repairs in homes ranks second among annual accidents.

It’s Time to Find an Electrician

Skilled electricians are trained people who have undergone special schooling and have ample practical experience. Before you even think of sticking your hand into that dangerous fuse box, you have to understand that power that you are dealing with, what it does and how it can move through conductors. Think also of the math and physics that go with electrical power and you will understand why there is a need to study it first before you should even go near it.

While your uncle may have changed the fuse or have rewired a few things in your home but electricity is a lot more than this. Remember that there is a world of difference between merely patching things up and hoping that they would work; and actually knowing which wire goes into what and what electrical tools to use.

Sure, it is understandable, that everyone wants to save a dollar every now and then but DIY electrical work is definitely not advisable for non-electricians.

Here are just some of the most common mistakes that can result from mishandled electrical projects –

The use of different-sized wirings: There are many kinds of wires; they come in different thickness and sizes. Their size determines the amount of electrical current that can pass through the wires.

This means that the connection of wrong-sized wires to the wrong circuits could result in electrical shortage or overheating. The sad thing is, this is a common mistake among homeowners who simply could not refuse doing electrical work.

Connecting wires outside of the electrical boxes: An electrical box protects the circuit wires from any kind of damage. It also provides an access for connection and disconnection of the wiring. There are some who still connect the wires outside the electrical boxes – this is dangerous. If there is no junction box, it is advisable to have one installed and make the wire connections in there.

The replacement of blown fuses: While this may appear like simple work, still, it pays to trust the experts especially if the fuses keep blowing each time you replace them. Such a recurring problem is a clear indication that there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

The replacement of a light bulb that has gone kaput: Always check the wattage limit when you are bound to replace a light bulb. The wattage must correspond with the right light bulb. Those with higher wattages might fit a 60-watt socket but they use more power so you are bound to deal with overheating.

Overloaded power outlets: Every outlet has a maximum current capacity so if you do not know what that is, allow a professional electrician to discuss it with you.

Stop Repairing the Problems Yourself Doing the electrical projects yourself may seem cheaper but you could spend more if accidents occur. Remember that electricity – when handled by the wrong hands – is extremely dangerous so trust only the experts. Hire an electrician to do this risky job for you, after all, it is what he trained for.

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