The beauty of Painted Furniture

Furniture that is worth a million memories (and sometimes thousands of bucks) is an antique piece. Antiques are normally passed down from great grandparents down to several generations since, and it looks better and better as days pass. What makes vintage woodwork, old chests and antique cabinets special are the craftsmanship and intricate etchings that are featured in each. With a little maintenance and care, you can be able to bring back the beauty of an old piece. However, if it is your project to give your house makeover, then painting old pieces of furniture can be a great way to jumpstart this. Your imagination is your only limitation when you are out to create painted designs. Let your home achieve a look of being retro or rustic with just a few strokes.

Choose from These Designs

Rustic Romance: One of the most charming designs is the soft look that is offered by rustic romance. This design adds warmth and the look of decades that have already gone by. If you love an earthly feel in your home, then use polished furniture with shades of beige, brown, rust or green. Any subdued colors work for this furniture design.

Neo Classic: This kind of furniture design looks minimal and is dominated by monochromatic colors. If you want furniture that makes use of the least amount of space then invest in this. In painting this furniture, make sure that you stick to the theme colors. With white walls, you can pick a color then use it for almost all of the furniture pieces that you will use in your home.

Make use of less artwork while concentrating in some concentric designs. Use neutral hues like gray, black or white when you use this theme in your home.

Funky Design: The perfectly painted furniture is only achieved if you are willing to go out of your way and experiment with colors. Watch your home come to life as you make use of well-blended colors on a palette. If you want, you can even get your kid involved with the painting job. Use spray paints to make it easier for them. Just for fun, you may paint pictures of their favorite cartoon characters; their favorite animals; even floral imprints.

Painting Techniques

  • Be casual about the project. Use a paint brand that you trust. If you can find something that can scrub off with brush and water, then do so. Painting over is easy when you know that the colors are easy to erase.

Water-based paint no longer needs a primer coat as it can easily stick on plastic, wood, even varnishes. This type of paint also dries quickly and does not emit a lot of fumes.

  • Be bold with your use of colors. See how you can achieve an aura of history and age with the use of chipped or cracked paint. Nick away from the splashes of color by using sandpaper. After this, you will be surprised to see a chipped look on your furniture. Use a hairdryer to achieve the needed look of cracks.

Any color that adds intrigue to the room will surely look great. If you have to paint furniture with black, then see that the surroundings are light-colored.

  • Another technique is to paint furniture with solid coat then allow it to dry. Then paint a design on paper such as yellow-centered flowers. Stick the painted part to the furniture the carefully lift as you repeat the process over and over again. As soon as the designs have dried, make sure to brush with a  layer of wax.

Unlike wooden furniture, painted pieces look cleaner and crisper. They also complement spaces without any effort. Are you sick and tired of old-looking furniture? Paint ‘em and they are sure to look newer!

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