The rich contrast to the Stanley Furniture Bedroom Segundo Cabo Upholstered Bed – Queen 678-23-42 is provided by the patterned pillows.

An all-white bedroom may not be your initial idea of a sleeping area but this has been offering sweet dreams to many homeowners. While an all-white bedroom may sound easy to set up, it is not. Without the right techniques, you could end up with a disaster. First, the room would look stark and cold.

So how do you go about with a white boudoir? You can begin with just a few contrasting colors, metallic finishes, creamy tints, and pieces with patina.

Unique Textures

Bringing in textures to your white bedroom will make it more exciting. You can have metallics brought into the bedroom so long as you are working on a Moroccan theme. This limited color palette is not limited in terms of style.

Do Shabby Chic

Imagine a fluffy white bedroom. This is no less than the perfect look for your shabby chic place.

A generous helping of white is the very element that will keep your bedroom from looking too shabby, though. You can add an interesting crisp to the paginated pieces like a French chandelier.

Use Tone-on-Tone

A white bedroom can look cool in an arid or tropical place. The ivories and creams in your room will make it seem chilly. Having a few patterns on a white bedding can still make the bed stand out. Create contrast on your walls when you hang a large colorful painting.

Support this ensemble by having the walls and trim painted with coral.

A Moment of Contrast

A painting inside a white bedroom can look more dramatic when no other colors are used elsewhere. Even the bedding and furniture should be as white as your walls. The colors on the painting become richer, yes, take a closer look now.

The use of contrast is quite huge when it comes to the flooring. Walnut floors can add the needed depth in your white bedroom. The room can still have other interesting textures such as sheepskin poufs and a comfy white sofa.

The rug and the off-white walls create a balance with the white sofa, ceiling, trim, and table.

A Different-Colored Ceiling

Your elegant white bedroom would do well to have soft silver. This color will ground the unusually high celling (if you happen to have one). It will also help create a cool contrast to a fireplace in the bedroom. Imagine a white marble fireplace surrounded with large mirrors, crystal chandelier, and a dressing table right inside your white boudoir. They’re simply an amazing ensemble.

Interesting Walls

You can also add some interesting textures and lines by having tongue and groove, beadboard, or a shiplap. Of course, who would be able to resist a bedroom with large windows displaying spectacular views of the outdoors?

Some exposed framework would also look nice in a mainly white bedroom. This will lend a coastal summerhouse appeal. Add some ruffled bedding and florals and you’d have the most idyllic look.

A single bold color can also be used on your walls. Green can add a cool yet earthy vibe to your all-white bedroom. Use it on your accent pieces to make them pop.

Modern Is Prime

Going all white is not only traditional. It can also be set up as a mid-century modern place. Just make sure that your furniture pieces follow the features that are meant for this era. This means clean, straight lines, some curved angles, and less to zero ornamentation.


All-white rooms need some serious consideration before you actually take the plunge. Bringing in those sweet dreams is not easy but once you get the hang of designing your space, you are sure to reap the benefits.

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