The ABCs of Hallway Interior Design (Link Roundup)

Your hallway is probably the very first place that guests will pass through when they visit your place, right? Since this is so, isn’t it just right that you should also design the area in such a way that your guests will feel the warmth of your home just by passing through here? There are certain aspects that are vital at your home’s entrance such as the coat stand, a mirror, perhaps a shoe rack or a sunglass holder. You need to organize these things so that the entrance becomes a memorable sight for everyone.

Never Neglect the Hall

This entrance to your dwelling deserves as much attention as all the other rooms in your home. This means that you must furnish and design this space according to the theme that you have also set for the whole house. As you do this, be sure that you have a working budget to begin with.

You may have the notion that a small space has not much to offer. But if you learn to prioritize, this cramped space can make a difference in terms of layout, color and storage.

Hallways are not just hallways – you have the power to improve the layout in this area. Alter the layout without spending too much. Remember that this is a busy place where five or more people can rush around putting on coats and slinging their bags. So, it is important to keep the storage area out of the path where these people walk on.

Assess the space that you can work on including the doors, that space under the stairs and the walls. Is it possible to install storage units somewhere? There are often dead spaces that can be used as a display or storage area.

Do you have a cupboard under the stairs? Is it really just a cramped space there or is it being optimized? With the right fitting, it can store shoes and cleaning materials, even vacuum cleaners. If you do not use this space then you might as well have it torn down so that you can enjoy added space.

Take note that the stairways must remain free from obstruction. Use the landings as a place to store books and other items. If you have to use this space to store your kids’ toys, just make sure that they are diligent enough to go up there to store their play things.

Do you see fuse boxes or meters? Why not disguise them or hire an electrician to have them moved outside? Doing this will even free up some more space.

Another aspect of hallway design is color. Hallways are often dark so be wary in using heavy colors. This will make the space appear much smaller; instead, use colors that recede from the eyes, thus, optically stretching the space.

Do not think that your only options are neutrals, though, You can also use pale greens and blues to open up the space.

If you happen to be blessed with a big hallway – such as those found in period homes – then you have a wider spectrum of color options. You can then choose a darker color such as deep red or a stately green. To compensate for the heavy color, ask your designer about the installation of a lighting fixture.

Do not forget to amply light the hallway. You wouldn’t want to come home to a dark place so this is worth planning for.

Use pendant lighting so that you get to achieve proper illumination and beautiful aesthetics at the same time. See if you can find period lighting fixtures. For low ceilings, use recessed lights. Lastly, be sure to add your character by personalizing the space. Hang family photos or art works and you should be fine.

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