Teak Wood Patio Furniture: Creating Maximum Impact In Your Home


Wood patio furniture is every connoisseur’s preference. Sure, wood requires more maintenance but it can provide a certain kind of dignity that can never be rivaled by metal furniture pieces.

But, Why Wood?

Wood has always been a tasteful choice when it comes to home furniture. It comprises a wide range of choices – from antiques to various contemporary designs.

Wood can take the shape that the maker wants it to form. It is firm despite the pressures that can be applied to it. There are different colors and forms for wood furniture. This is definitely a medium that the furniture maker and the owner can use to bring about the designs that they want.

There are different types of wood that can be used for your patio. Yew, redwood, mahogany, rosewood, and ebony have distinctive colors that can delight furniture aficionados.

These days, wood patio furniture may be part-wood and part-something else. For instance, there are patio chairs that have metal frames but the arm and backrests are made of wood. There are also coffee tables with wooden legs but the tops are made of glass. The most daring shapes have taken form using wood and infusing it with some other equally elegant materials.

Why Teak Wood Is Best

While there are many options, the best kind will always be teak. Teak wood can suffer the elements, is resistant to light and has less chances of splintering or chipping during warmer seasons.

Teak has silica which is why it is more resistant to water. Wood furniture pieces often rot and swell when water seeps in. Teak is more resistant to fungal attacks so you can sleep more soundly at night as it is meant to built to last longer.

One of the rarest features of teak is its resistance to fire; all other wood furniture will simply burn away when fire touches them. Teak patio furniture has physical, biological and chemical properties that make it the most popular choice in making patio furniture.

Maintenance Tips for Teak Patio Furniture

There are a few precautionary measures when teak is used for patio furniture. Teak is costly so you have to have ample budget for it. Depending on the region where you are currently staying, you might need to apply varnish or gloss every now and then. Varnish can make teak wood appear shinier, plus, it can protect the furniture from natural elements.

Using paint to protect teak patio furniture is also fine. Paint is waterproof, termite and heat resistant so you can protect your teak furniture piece.

You may also want to invest in teak wood patio furniture covers. These covers are often made of synthetic materials which can completely cover your priced pieces. There are standard as well as custom-made sizes. You will also get to pick the colors that you want. Use these covers to protect your wood patio furniture from water and sunlight – the most destructive elements for wood.

To clean your wood patio furniture, you will need a soft-bristled brush, wood cleaner or wood wash, and rubber gloves. Here is the three-step cleaning process –

  • First, wear your rubber gloves and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when working with any chemicals.
  • Put some wood cleaner on the furniture then use the brush to scrub.
  • Rinse then allow to dry.

On a final note, you can definitely make the biggest aesthetic statement if you use wood as your patio furniture medium. This is the very stuff that The Joneses become envious of. But when buying teak wood patio furniture, be sure that you are responsible. With proper care, you can ensure a long relationship with this precious piece.

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