Sweet Dreams: 5 Bedroom Essentials for a Good Night’s Sleep


Many health articles already asked this question – why is sleep important? In order to understand why your body needs sleep, you have to first imagine your body as a machine. It is there to perform different functions – vital ones. Drifting to sleep means this machine is supposed to recharge, fix (heal) any damages, boost, and even reboot.

Sleeping erases feelings of fatigue and anxiety. Yet in a busy society where you are now living, it is oftentimes difficult to get quality rest. So how can you have a restful sleep so that you’d wake up feeling recharged?

The Ideal Bedroom

One of the most important items on the list is an ideal bedroom. This room plays a key role in giving your quality sleep during the night. This is the room where you are supposed to feel recharged and where you should unwind.

To have an idea, you might want to clip some featured bedrooms in interior design magazines. You can also collect photographs of fabrics, furniture, and colors that would work inside the bedroom.

Picture the perfect hotel room. Now, picture how you can transform your bedroom into that perfect hotel room.

Setting up the ideal bedroom means having it naturally lighted during the day. There must be enough windows to let in some fresh air and sunlight into the room.

Never bring in electronics inside this room. This means zero cable boxes, TV, tablets, laptops, etc. The only electronic thing that you can bring in here is the alarm clock.

The Ideal Lighting

Choose bedroom light bulb wattage based on each lamp’s purpose. When the light is near a mirror, then you should have a bright task lighting. When you need light near the bed, then you can have the lower wattage bulbs (about 45 to 50 watts). These should be enough to create gentle, ambient lighting as you try to doze off.

Lampshades are also perfect diffusers of light.

The Ideal Temperature

Another thing that you need to consider is the temperature inside the bedroom. The ideal temperature there should be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too warm or too cold, then your sleep will surely be disrupted.

You might want to add a programmable thermostat once you have a bedroom makeover.

The Ideal Accessories

It may be tempting to have multiple duvets, throw pillows and pillows on your luxe bed but these are only visually appealing. Add too many and they would end up disturbing your sleep. If you really have to decorate with these pieces, then at least arrange to have some pieces removed at night.

Of course, clutter should never be a part of your bedroom. Keep this room streamlined and this includes throwing those balled papers, wiping off dust, and keeping the bedding organized at all times.

The bedroom is also an awesome place to display your most memorable family photographs. Explain your family history through framed photos.

The Ideal Colors

Choose calming colors so that you will have a restful sleep. Vibrant colors will only energize you so you must veer away from shades of red, yellow, or orange. Neutrals are your best option – so go for beige, gray, taupe, whites, and pastels.

Also, when painting the walls, don’t immediately default to blanketing every wall with just one color. Add splashes of color on the bedding and on some of the decorative elements of your bedroom. This pop of color can be found on your pillows or a colorful painting.

Lastly, be sure to design your bedroom space in such a way that everything is in its proper place. Maintaining order will make it easier for you to look for your stuff and would also make the room look more inviting.

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