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How do you think minimalism can change your life? Many homeowners have attested to the beauty of altering their interior design, even their way of life as they switched to minimalism.

The minimalist movement originated in the U.S. when people were starting to question why they were filling up their homes with stuff. People seem to be turning into impulsive buyers, believing that buying stuff could give them a sense of fulfillment.

Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn collaborated on a book entitled The Minimalists. They even went as far as releasing a film showing the beauty of uncluttering and in embracing the kind of life where you just live on the bare essentials. To these two, less is, indeed, more.

Becoming a minimalist means thinking things through carefully. You try to consider which among the objects you own are actually essentials and which ones are mere want. As you focus only on the things that are important – you become much happier, fulfilled individual.

Minimalist Baby Steps

Of course, you should not coerce yourself to suddenly change your lifestyle. Just like any endeavor, you should carefully plan what you are going to do.

Step one is always this – ask yourself where the dumpster is. You can give away some of your pre-loved items to your friends or donate them elsewhere. Fill trash bags with items that you no longer need. You will be surprised at how quickly this bag will be filled.

Find out which clothes you have not worn for more than six months. Clearly, you will not wear those within another half a year so it’s best to give them away. Also, discard any duplicates that you would find.

Step number two is to acknowledge that you have an issue of, perhaps, holding on to things that you don’t actually need.

Since minimalism is mostly a way of life, you also need to eat frugally. As you dress less, you must also learn to budget your food.

The Minimalist Interior Design

Primary colors, straight lines, black and white, all these are the features that stand out in a minimalist home. This style has a lot of advantages to offer.

A minimalist decorates her home by, first, having it spruced up for a fresher, more open space. This is going to be a home that is clean, well-maintained, one that ditches the ornate.

Becoming a minimalist in interior design all boils down to clearing all surfaces of clutter. If you look around and you’re not contented with the way your surroundings feel, then remove those piles of paper, those bulky furnishings, and clean the walls and floors.

You might notice random objects that obscure the vision, so have those removed, too.

A minimalist home is also basically neutral. Subdued colors rule as the base hues since they are crisp, clean and ever fresh. These fresh colors also offer a sense of calm that is also crucial in building a minimalist ambiance.

Minimalists are also huge fans of white rooms. Don’t think of the bleached out types, though. If you use just a tad of yellow undertone on your white paint, you will be able to create a warmer glow, one that appears almost creamy.

Blue undertone, on the other hand, will give your white paint a crisper, more dynamic look.

Natural lighting is also vital in every minimalist setting. Give your home lots of natural light especially during the morning. Use sheer window treatments only. To balance the bright room, be sure to use a cooler shade of white. It is not taboo to introduce other colors into a minimalist setting. Now, don’t get that idea. If you want to infuse colors, then be sure to use solid pigments that are not heavy on the eyes. Use earthy colors such as tan, brown, blues, and greens.

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