Stripping Ugly Wallpapers: Learn the How-to’s

Stripping Ugly Wallpapers

Stripping Ugly Wallpapers

Wallpapers are easy to install and they can present a kind of beauty that some paints will not be able to offer. They come with many different patterns and sophisticated designs which can work well with your chosen theme. Since there is a myriad of options, it is less likely that you will see a similar pattern in your friends’ or neighbors’ walls. Unlike paint, it is so easy to have the same shade of pastel as that on your colleague’s home.

Sure, it was easy at first to just install the wallpapers instead of painting the walls but come the time when they need to be replaced, here is when you wonder why you chose wallpaper in the beginning.

Okay, the damage has been done so you might as well face the task. Here are the materials that you will need –

  • Sponge
  • Paint spatula
  • Hot water
  • Utility knife
  • Vinegar
  • A bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Adhesive remover (make sure to get the enzyme-based ones)

Begin by checking if it is easier to strip the wallpapers using your bare hands. If they do come off easily, then just go ahead and peel away. If not, then you can proceed right away to this next method –

  • Wipe the walls first with warm water. Use the sponge to wipe off any excess water. The fluids should loosen the paste and can help in uniformly peeling the wallpaper in a few minutes. Remember, though, that you need to let the water stay on the walls for a number of minutes. In short, give it ample time to soak the paste.
  • Next, remove the wallpaper using a spatula to scrape the more stubborn portions.
  • Add a cup of vinegar to the gallon of water. This is also an effective wallpaper remover if in case the lone water solution did not work. Use a spray bottle or the sponge once again to apply the vinegar solution. Wipe the walls to remove any excess glue and any other parts that are difficult to peel off.

If you have done every step on this first method and the wallpaper still won’t come off, then it’s time to look at the second method –

  • Wipe the wall with piping hot water this time. Using a paint roller, distribute water evenly onto the surface. Wipe the hot water then try to peel off the wallpaper once again. If it still won’t come off, just repeat the process. For more stubborn adhesives, just use the paint spatula. To neutralize the walls, apply a mixture of water and white vinegar.

‘Still won’t come off? Then you have got one stubborn wallpaper up there! If you used the methods above and they still won’t be peeled, then just buy a wallpaper removal steamer. Renting a professional steamer can also help. Here are the steps to take –

  • Soak a huge portion of the walls
  • Run the scoring tool through the damp sections
  • Steam these sections
  • There are some people who use fabric softeners to soften the hardened adhesives. Use the solution to spray onto the sections. If the fabric softener still won’t work, use it together with hot water.
  • Score the sections with the tool once more.
  • Steam for the second time around.
  • Scrape using a 6” sheetrock blade
  • You need to repeat this process until you can feel that the sections can already be easily scraped.
  • Scrub the sections with hot water, sponge and a TSP.

It is not right to live with ugly wallpapers inside your home. Peel them off ASAP and paint it this time in order to achieve a simpler and more permanent look!

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