The Stark Getaway: Creating the Non-Alienating Scandinavian Home


The Scandinavian interior design comes by many names. It is also referred to as Nordic design. Others simply describe it as the white, stark interiors. But aren’t these a little too cold to describe this beautiful interior design?

Scandinavian Design – The Key Features

When you chose to embrace the Scandinavian interior design, you should be ready to give up some things and use some unconventional design elements. As the saying goes – you win some, you lose some.

Speak of losing, Scandinavian theme is also a minimalist style. This is a design that was born in the 1930s within the Nordic nations namely Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden. It may be a fusion of many cultures and styles but it is one that thrives in minimal living. No more frills, only the practical aspects are now accepted.

This does not mean that your place has to become boring, though. Yet less is definitely more with this interior design.

Carpeting may be a popular thing in many homes but you’ll have to say goodbye to wall-to-wall carpeting. Instead, you can install sheepskins or rugs to soften the stark look of a white home.

Nordic textiles do not have heavy fabrics. Textiles are not commonly seen though the few that are used are there for maximum impact. Colorful rugs can make or break a Nordic space.

Muted and light colors are most acceptable inside your Scandinavian home. Why? Because the dark, long winters of Scandinavia asks for the interiors to remain bright, hence, the white paint, furnishings and bright light. For everything else, just settle for colors that help achieve cohesiveness and uniformity.

Wood is another design element of Nordic homes. You can use it on the walls, the floor or even on cupboards and the children’s toys. Use an abundance of wood especially ash, beech, and pine.

Another element that you can use are clean lines. You simply have to give up ornate furniture pieces and detailing. Find solid pieces that have clean, modern lines. These are the defining features of your Scandinavian home.

Scandinavian also means a decluttered home. More often than not, Scandinavian homes are small and they do not allow a lot of stuff to be brought in. This may no longer be applicable nowadays but the concept got stuck.

Keep your space clutter-free as this is still an important aspect in having a Scandinavian home. And since no clutter is allowed, you should look for simple accents that will decorate the bare white walls.

Light, Light and More Light

Scandinavian countries are often bathed in darkness because of their long winter months. Since this is their scenario, you must also try to maximize natural light. The window treatments, therefore, must be sheer or at the very least, translucent. This is so more light is allowed to go through.

During the evenings, be sure to turn on your bright task and ambient lights. Now electrical fixtures should also be designed with the simplest forms and lines. While there is a need to create ample lighting, you must not add to the visual clutter.

Candles are also much appreciated as they render a soft glow to your well-chosen decorative pieces.


When you want to brighten up your Scandinavian space, bringing in potted plants will surely help. While the Nordic home thrives on neutrals, bringing in some greens can also have its benefits.

Houseplants do not just improve the mood inside any space, they are also providers of cleaner air. You can also expect less illness and improved concentration.

Sprucing up your home has never been this beneficial.

 Decide Now

Scandinavians love their friends and family so use just the right amount of warmth and coziness. Extension leaves for your dining tables are great to use when the family gathers during mealtime.

Go utilitarian while being egalitarian – don’t fear, you can do it.

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