Where Is That Standout Piece? Tips in Choosing the Focal Point in a Room

Every room – it goes without saying – must have its own focal point. If you won’t even exert an effort to create one, then you’re missing out on the whole point of interior design. Remember that the focal point is that one thing where the eyes of your visitors will rest when they drop by your home. This means that the focal point would need to be visually engaging.

Before you finalize your decision on what focal point to use in the rooms of your home, take a careful look throughout the house. See what each room has to offer. You could begin by simply rearranging the furniture. By doing so, you might already have the focal point that you’ve long been looking for.

In the living room, should you decide that the sofa would be your focal point, then let it rest on the longest wall. Add a mirror or an artwork right above it so that the eyes would immediately go to that part of your living room.

A room will look and feel more inviting if you offer a comfy seat for your visitors to rest. Be sure to arrange the furnishings around the focal point. At times, the focal point can be an interesting architectural feature, a wonderful picture, a bulky or dramatic piece of furniture, or even a mirror.

Now it’s time to learn how to find that elusive focal point –

The Fireplace Is a Focal Point

If you have a fireplace in your home, then there is no longer any need to look for a focal point. This is an architectural feature that instantly becomes the lead feature inside the living room, dining room or the bedroom. When you want to reinforce this idea, you can highlight the feature by adding an artwork right above it.

Huge Is it

If there isn’t an obvious focal point, then you can proceed to the next step which is to look around your home. The biggest feature is often the focal point. This can be a window, a bookcase, or any large furniture.

If the rooms do not have distinguishable architectural parts, then look for the biggest furniture. Decide for those to become the focal points. In the bedroom, this is automatically the bed. The living room has the sofa as its star. The kitchen can always rely on the granite countertop.

Visual Interest

Another way to look for the focal point in a room is to find the most interesting piece of furniture, architectural feature or artwork. Anything that is visually appealing to you will also be interesting to your family and guests.


If you cannot decide on the focal point or if you simply won’t accept that the largest furniture pieces automatically are the focal points, then just create your own piece.

Create a focal point by adding your own works of art, floral arrangements in lovely vases or unique shelves. As you do this, be sure to build around these created focal points.

Another way to create a focal point is to paint one wall with a different, interesting color. This will be called the accent wall because it will enhance the room. A lighter wall color will be used for the other three walls.

Look Outdoors

Did you know that the outdoor view can also become your focal point? This can be that interesting garden right outside the living room or that lovely landscape right by the breakfast nook. Have the furniture arranged around this interesting outdoors focal point.

The window areas in this scenario would serve as the artwork that was supposed to be hung or the family photograph that was supposed to be displayed on the bare walls.

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