How to Stand Out with Boho Interior Design (Link Roundup)


Many interior designers will automatically tell you that each piece of furniture performs a role in achieving the overall aesthetic beauty of the place that they’re designing. Yet there are a few pieces that really do stand out despite every single piece already a beauty on its own. If you want to be different, then you might want to give boho chic a spin.

Boho Is Multi-cultural

If you are wondering what boho design really is, then you have to understand that it is not one, single style. Boho style is a melting pot of patterns, colors, textures, and many other design elements.  This style originated, though, from the ancient Bohemia, a central-eastern European region.

Bohemian style is in reference to the people who basically lived lives that are nomadic yet artistic. They are also known to be unconventional because they had a unique flair.

If you suddenly thought of gypsies when talking about boho design, then you are also correct. The traveling gypsy theme embraces many cultures and styles as it is an amalgamation of many even more eclectic styles.

Bohemian style, therefore, is a huge resurgence of different styles especially during the ‘60s and the ‘70s. Some people may refer to boho look as retro or boho chic.

The Boho Design Rules

The rules to the boho chic appeal is pretty simple – take a thorough look at the items that you collected your entire life and have them on display. If nothing matches, don’t fret. No single item is supposed to match!

Just go ahead and fill up your space with different books from your travels, patterns, fabrics, vintage pieces, memoirs, mirrors, and practically anything that you can visually appreciate.

Wooden furnishings are a must, though. Find the pieces that are random but have busy surfaces since most of the elements do not come from a design box. Bring back the ‘60s and ‘70s trends into your home by having Moroccan ottomans, floor cushions, low tables, colorful lanterns, netting, plush furniture, Ikat-inspired pieces, and just about any piece that can be categorized into the two eras.

If you want the Eastern-European take on boho look, then you’re looking at burlesque type wagons, tassels, beads (lots and lots of ‘em), crochet curtains, and other embellishments. Be unruly and even messy but be sure to keep the elegance and flare going.

Have your room filled with lace, jewelry, driftwood, and interesting trinkets. The goals when you’re going for eastern-European bohemia is to be spontaneous. Don’t expect everything to have its own spot because this look must be unplanned.

If you want a touch of modern style, then you can always go for Western boho. Here, you will still have tassels but, this time, you are going to be in desperate need of butterfly chairs, high canopies, vintage leather pieces, tie dye blankets, and tribal rugs.

If you can find some authentic Navajo rugs then you’ve got it going in the right direction.

Now if you’re aiming for the modern boho chic, then you would want a lot of white-on-white. Have the timber floorboards whitewashed then add some fairy lights right above your bed where the canopy is. Furry pillows are also acceptable here as are earthy plants for a more laidback appearance.

You just gotta love bold hues because modern boho chic has got them. They are amazingly infused on many rich textiles as well as on prints.

Do you have an old guitar to display? Then this can be a cool element for your indie wall art.

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