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Staging Fundamentals for First-time Home Sellers (Weekly Link Roundup)

Deco Collection Hooker: Wouldn’t you be enticed to sleep in this cozy bedroom?
Deco Collection Hooker: Wouldn’t you be enticed to sleep in this cozy bedroom?

You might be thinking of putting up your home in the market. This is a huge step and one that requires careful preparation. Know that staging is a lot more than cleaning up or decluttering. While you do have to eliminate clutter in your home prior to potential buyers flooding in, you also have to prepare your creative side (because you will be needing this artistic part of you).

With so many houses being sold in this economy, it is probable that you are competing with a house or two right in your neighborhood. With such a tough setting, you need to know how to bump up your property so that it can be seen and categorized as prime.

Things to Consider in Home Staging

There are many factors that could make your house stand out from the rest. Of course, you always have to begin with the curb appeal. Since this is the part of your home which your buyers first see, then you have to concentrate on how to beautify that part.

Top real estate agents say that lighting is also crucial. Have all blinds or curtains opened during the open house. When the open house goes all the way to the evening, then make sure that there is ample artificial lighting. Allow the buyers to see the character of your home with correct ambient lighting.

Staged homes look amazing when they have inviting and warm lighting. As it turns out, a lot of homes have improper lighting. To solve this issue, do not be afraid to increase the wattage of your bulbs. A hundred watts or more should be good enough to highlight the important features in your home.

Another thing that you need to prepare is the kitchen. This part has to be pristine. Kitchens and the appliances and cabinetry sell the house. They are the very elements that could make or break the buyer’s decision.

Have your home smell good. Set up enough scent eliminator and have some baked cookies or cupcakes placed right on the kitchen countertop.

Say No to Clutter

Apart from the above considerations, you always need to prepare your decluttering tactics. Getting rid of clutter means getting rid of old, unused stuff. Remember that one of the chief contributors to a cluttered home is furniture.

Moldy, damaged furniture simply have to go. Professional stagers often take away half of the existing furniture sets for a good reason. These experts want the potential buyers to see the house as they would a brand new car. Everyone prefers the smell and look of a new car.

Even when they know that they are just buying a second-hand home, they still want it to be presented in a manner that it looks, smells, and feels brand new.

Be sure to clean out the closets. Would-be buyers are often persuaded to buy a property once they see beautiful cabinets and ample storage.

Staging your home means you have to be ready to pack up and finally stash away the items that you no longer use. If you have someone who can take them as a hand-me-down from you, then do so. Learn to repurpose also.

Learn to Group Furniture

There is a common notion that rooms tend to feel larger or more spacious if all the furniture pieces are placed against the walls. This isn’t true, of course. The best designers furnish spaces with floating furniture. This is placed as far away from the walls are possible.

You can also reposition chairs and sofas to conversational groupings. This should improve the flow of foot traffic in the living room. This also tends to make the space look more user-friendly.

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