Spiced Up Dining Rooms in 8 Steps

With the fall and the holiday season just around the corner, you could be thinking of hosting a string of parties. You might be wracking your brains on how to make your dining room ready for all these get-togethers. There are basic additions and huge changes that you can choose from if you want this room to be the ultimate hotspot for the upcoming seasons –

Bring In the Bench

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A bench can replace the regular dining chairs. Find the type that has a cushion or even storage underneath the comfy upholstery. You can also break up a forever matched dining set by adding a bench to the ensemble.

Use a Potted Plant

Having fresh greenery is an awesome way to give life to the dining room. Potted plants such as ficus, rubber plant, split-leaf philodendron, or a fiddle leaf fig should be able to clean the air. They can also add to the drama in the dining room.

The right potted plants can even make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Use an Area Rug

As colorful as the dining area is, this Round dining table top at 60″ offers an exciting finish. Protege Dining, indeed, is the right solution to your dining room needs these holidays.

Find the perfect area rug for your dining room during the holiday season. This must be no less than 24 inches on every side of your dining table. Anything less will make your dining area look a lot smaller.

Rugs also bring a certain level of warmth that is difficult to match. Invest in a flat-woven rug such as a kilim. This is much easier to clean than the thick pile types.

Add Throws or Cushions

Dining chairs can be updated by adding cushions or throws. People want extra softness and warmth during the cold winter months so be sure to provide them those. Make them want to stay at your dining table as you add these seat cushions.

Use plaid blankets, faux sheepskin, or velvet cushions.

Update the Lighting Fixtures

Find a lighting fixture that has the power to transform the appeal of your dining room. An interesting pendant lighting should be able to help you with this. Chandeliers are also a classic go-to piece while glass lanterns also don’t disappoint.

You can also boost the look of the dining room with more lighting. A sole overhead fixture is not enough to create lighting balance. The dining room lighting has to have an overhead fixture as well as a dimmer. Put some sconces or table lamps to maximize the dramatic effect.

Use Rich-Colored Wall Paint

The dining room will have more traffic this holiday season so you had better prepare for it. Excite your visitors’ senses by letting them see a bolder section of your home. Find a color that is bold but never overpowering such as mocha, bottle green, or espresso.

The less bold hues can also look and feel rich if you know how to use warm white or cappuccino.

Add a Black and White Wall

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can talk about your many family travels as you enjoy your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? You can do so by painting one of your dining room walls black. With this bold color, add some framed black and white photos.

Straighten up the grid so that the framed pictures are at eye level.

Layer the Artwork

If you are not yet ready to commit to a more permanent change in the dining room, then you can begin with just the simple changes for now. You can prominently display some artworks then add or diminish your collection as the season’s change.

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